Taiwanese Singer Who Made Sexually Vulgar Comment At LE SSERAFIM Loses Job Opportunity


A few days ago, Taiwanese actor-singer Wayne Huan (also known as Huang Weijin) came under scrutiny for sexually harassing the K-Pop girl group LE SSERAFIM.

Wayne Huang | @weijin_huang/Instagram

Huang, who was the host of the 2024 Superstar Red & White Entertainment Awards in Taiwan, made a vulgar comment about the girl group during the show. A startling report of the incident stated that during the show, LE SSERAFIM members ate fried sweet potato balls, and while they were eating, Huang allegedly said, “I want to insert into them down there…(pause) the fried sweet potato balls.” The incident was caught on video, where Huang’s co-hosts could be seen expressing their discomfort with the comment.

After the incident came to light and the video went viral, fans from all over the world called out the actor and demanded an apology. A few days later, Huang took to his Instagram to address the allegations, saying his words were misinterpreted.

What I wanted to convey was, “It’s great to be able to share food with an idol one likes.”I absolutely did not mean anything else. I would like to apologize to viewers who felt uncomfortable after hearing what was said.

— Wayne Huang

However, netizens did not find his apology sincere, and the incident has seemingly caused a long-lasting dent in Huang’s reputation.

LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Instagram

Amidst this situation, Wayne Huang posted some pictures on his Instagram, with a surprisingly honest caption about losing a job opportunity.

I lost a job.
It’s okay.
I’ll treat it like Lunar New Year holidays came early and find something to do.

— Wayne Huang’s Instagram caption

From the comments under his post, it seems that Huang was fired from a hosting job recently. Though it is unclear whether it was caused by his recent controversy, many netizens believe that is the most likely reason. While those enraged with his behavior toward LE SSERAFIM found it a fair consequence, many of his industry peers showed their support in the comment section of Huang’s Instagram post.

 He posted about it himself. 

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