Suneel Darshan reveals he asked Priyanka Chopra to get her nose fixed; recalls he found her voice ‘sexy’


Priyanka Chopra is one of the most loved actresses around the world. While she may be away from Bollywood and making a name in Hollywood, the mania and craze for Priyanka in India remains the same. Priyanka made her debut with the movie Andaaz which was directed by Raj Kanwar and produced by Suneel Darshan. In one of his recent interviews, producer Suneel Darshan revealed that he asked Priyanka to get her nose fixed.

Suneel Darshan shares he asked Priyanka Chopra to get a nose job

While talking to an online entertainment news portal, Suneel Darshan shared how he met Priyanka Chopra. He reveals that Priyanka had come to his office with her father. Suneel Darshan was looking for a fresh face for a new movie. And he received a call from reception saying that someone was there with a girl. Darshan shared that he always made a point to meet whoever came to the office. And it was Priyanka Chopra. He looked at her and thought “Really?”. Suneel did not find her to be a conventional beauty. However, within 15 minutes he knew, he wanted to cast Priyanka in the movie.

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“Uski aankhein itni zabardast chalti thi, uski awaaz sexy aur nasheeli thi, uski bhook gehri thi,” he said, ETimes quotes the producer saying. The filmmaker felt that there were sufficient reasons to bet on Priyanka. Right there, Suneel told Priyanka that she was right for the role. However, he did ask her to immediately fix her problem with her nose. Suneel shared that Priyanka’s father was an accomplished surgeon and she said that she would be ready. Darshan informed her that they were going on the floor in 10 days’ time. But Priyanka asked for more time. BollywoodLife is also on WhatsApp.

When Priyanka Chopra talked about her botched nose job

A couple of months ago, Priyanka Chopra had joined The Howard Stern Show in which she talked about how a bad nose job turned her life topsy-turvy. She recalled looking completely different because of which she slipped into deep, deep depression. Priyanka had already signed a few films. The doctors had advised her to get a correction surgery. Priyanka recalled her father being her strong pillar of support at that time. Talking about Andaaz, Priyanka starred alongside Akshay Kumar and Lara Dutta in the movie.

 Producer Suneel Darshan had asked Priyanka Chopra to change her appearance by altering how her nose looked. He then cast her for Andaaz which is how she debuted in Bollywood. 

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