Suhani Bhatnagar Death: Dangal actress’ father reveals details of rare autoimmune condition that led to her tragic end


Netizens are in shock knowing that Suhani Bhatnagar who played the role of Babita Phogat in Dangal is no more. She passed away at the age of 19. Initial reports said that she died due to medical complications. It seems she was taking medicines for a fracture and they had an adverse effect on her body. She developed edema in her body, which led to her subsequent demise. Suhani Bhatnagar died in the ICU of Delhi’s AIIMS. Aamir Khan Productions confirmed the demise of the actress. They put up a post remembering her as a star. Even Nitesh Tiwari said he was heart-broken hearing about her demise.

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Suhani Bhatnagar’s father reveals cause of death

Her father said that she began to experience swelling in her hands around two months ago. The doctors did not find it worrisome. Later, it spread to her other hand and whole body. The family consulted quite a few doctors but no one had a clue. Then, they got her admitted at AIIMS. The tests revealed that she had dermatomyositis, a rare autoimmune disease. Like many auto-immune disorders, this treatment too needed steroids. The intake of steroids affected her body’s immune system, and she became very weak.

What is dermatomyositis?

It seems dermatomyositis is a condition that inflames the muscles and joints of the body. They say it is an autoimmune syndrome or the result of a viral infection. The body gets swellings all over. Steroids combined with other forms of therapy help a patient. It is a form of myopathy. Netizens have reacted with shock on the same. In the hospital, she got an infection due to weak immune system. It affected the lungs and there was a fluid build-up. It led to her demise. Her mother said that she was studying journalism and wanted to work in films later on. The final rites will happen in Ajronda Stadium.

 Suhani Bhatnagar Death: Dangal actress’ father told the media about the rare autoimmune condition that led to the loss of his daughter’s life 

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