“Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Calls Out Mnet For “Twisting Her Words” For Drama


When the second season of Street Woman Fighter premiered in August 2023, the “beef” between 1MILLION‘s founder Lia Kim and DEEP N DAP‘s leader Mina Myoung was one of the main dramas driving the plot.

“Episode 1. I trusted her and loved her so much.” | Mnet

The two dancers were portrayed as having fallen out over payment issues; And while at the end of the program, Lia Kim and Mina Myoung made up, viewers were left wondering about the truth.

1MILLION’s Lia Kim Is “Embarrassed” After Battling Mina Myoung On “Street Woman Fighter 2”

Months later, via the YouTube channel NONOCREW‘s “Korea Dance Review” video, Mina Myoung clarified some of the comments made on the show that made it sound like she disagreed with the distribution of the payment from choreographing for 1MILLION.


The exact question that [the program] asked me was ‘What made you leave 1MILLION?’ So I said, ‘Well, I was with them for a long time. And during that period, I worked on a lot of choreographies. But because choreographing was a lot of work for me, I asked—for about three years—that I’d like a raise, at least of the choreographing portion. But that didn’t work out. And during the final contract negotiations, I was offered an even lower rate compared to what I used to make. And that was because the team was going through a rough patch. So, in the end, we couldn’t come to an agreement, and I told them that I’d quit the team because I couldn’t accept the rate.’ This is literally word-per-word what I told [the program].

— Mina Myoung

Though she didn’t pinpoint the producing channel, Mnet, to a fault, Mina Myoung did call out the program for asking one thing and using parts of her response to create drama over another.

근데 이건 확실히 짚고 넘어가는게 맞는거 같음
나명이는 재계약 시점에
시안페이가 다운되어서
이 부분에 있어 협상이 안돼서 나갔던거지
5:5 배분에 동의하지 않았던게 아니었다고…
근데 방송을 보니까 공동분배에 대한 얘기로
흘러가길래 당황스러웠다고… pic.twitter.com/vtO9D9bmmg

— æyo (@aeyoaeyo11) November 9, 2023

But then that interview was followed by Lia unnie‘s interview and it started off with her talking about ‘Credit and pay distribution.’ And I was like, ‘What the…?!’ It had me wondering why she would talk about fair distribution out of nowhere. You know?

And I actually hadn’t done a lot of co-choreographing. But I’ve always agreed that splitting the money 5:5 is absolutely fair. AND I DO! Dear viewers, I never said it wasn’t fair! Anyway… Because her part of the interview started off with the whole credit and pay distribution thing, it ended up looking like I had problems with it or something.

After that, all the comments were talking about the whole distribution thing. I mean, it still gives me the chills to think about how many comments I got about that.

— Mina Myoung

Following the YouTube video’s release, Korean viewers who watched Street Woman Fighter reacted with disappointment, though to no surprise. Mnet has been infamous for “evil editing,” and the viewers criticized the channel for exposing the two dancers to unsolicited hate for no reason.

| theqoo “Is Mnet for real? She got so much hate for the whole thing. That’s insane.” “WTF? I feel like this would be more than enough to sue Mnet for.” “Mnet needs to be punished.” “WTH?” “This isn’t even evil editing. This is straight-up scamming.” “So Mnet tried to make things worse between the two? Like, the episode could’ve given either of the dancers the wrong idea. You know?” “Ah, of course… The evil editing.” “Mnet isn’t going to change.” “Oh no. The whole experience must have been so stressful for her.” “Mnet being Mnet again and legit f*cking over people’s lives.” “So she fell victim to Mnet, too…” “What the heck is the problem with these editors?!”

Lia Kim, who fell victim to the editing, commented under the video in support of Mina Myoung—proving that there was never a reason for the amount of tension that the program alleged.


My Mina, all grown up!

— Lia Kim

Watch the full clip here.

 Did she fall victim to “evil editing,” too? 

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