“Street Man Fighter’s” Young J Responds To Accusations Claiming He Had Sex With A Minor


Street Man Fighter‘s Young J addressed allegations that he had a sexual relationship with a minor.

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On April 3, Just Jerk‘s Young J met with Ilgan Sports. In the interview, the dancer responded to rumors claiming he had a sexual relationship with a minor.

“Street Man Fighter” Leader Alleged To Have Had Sexual Relationship With Underage “Street Woman Fighter 2” Contestant

According to Ilgan Sports, the dancer acknowledged he was in a relationship with the Street Woman Fighter 2 contestant (referred to as “A”), but claimed it was only after she had became of legal age.

It is true I am dating “A.” But we started our relationship after she had become an adult. Because I was worried about the age difference, we started dating only after getting permission from “A’s” parents.

— Young J

The 32-year-old dancer then claimed that he and his girlfriend were considering getting married.

We are discussing getting married with both of our families. I would like to say that we are in a serious relationship and that this is not a fling.

— Young J

Previously, Young J was alleged to have had a sexual relationship with a dancer while she was still legally underage. According to the previous report, “A” revealed the news when she told her fellow dancers that she had gotten an abortion.

 It is true I am dating “A”… 

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