Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Sister Hannah Bahng Responds To Criticism Of Her BTS’s Jungkook Cover


Stray KidsBang Chan‘s younger sister, Hannah Bahng, responded to criticism she received for her cover of BTS Jungkook‘s “Seven.”

Hannah Bahng | @hannahhbbang/X BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_bighit/X

Hannah Bahng made her music debut earlier this year with “perfect blues,” although she shared in the past that she doesn’t intend to become an idol.

Recently, Hannah went viral for covering another popular idol’s song: BTS Jungkook’s “Seven (feat. Latto).” She shared the full version via YouTube, but a clip of it garnered attention on TikTok with 7M views at the time of writing.

The comment section on both TikTok and YouTube was filled with supportive fans. Yet, many were shocked by Hannah singing the explicit version, especially since she made it sound so sweet!

| hannah bahng/YouTube

Unfortunately, Hannah also received criticism due to the cover. She opened up in a recent live broadcast after reading comments.

“I liked your ‘Seven’ cover.” Thank you. I tried my best. “Your ‘Seven’ cover was so cute. Don’t listen to the hate…”

— Hannah Bahng

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Hannah explained why she chose to cover “Seven” initially. She is preparing to release a heavier song, so she wanted to do something fun and lighthearted ahead of it.

I like did the ‘Seven’ cover ’cause I wanted to do something very fun and fresh and like lighthearted, you know, just kinda like ‘Weight of the world on your shoulders…’ ‘Cause the next music project that I’m working on is on like the heavier side emotionally, so I wanted to release like a cover that was kind of like just like fun and fresh…

— Hannah Bahng

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Yet, Hannah saw hate regarding her cover of “Seven” on X (formerly Twitter). She knows she can’t change anything, so she said it’s “fine.”

But I did see some like hate… Like you know, which is fine. What can I do? I can’t really change that, but it was just like on Twitter.

— Hannah Bahng

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Hannah is very grateful for all the kind comments she saw on the other platforms. So, the positive should outweigh the negative.

I mean I’m just super grateful for the people who did like it. Luckily, the comments on YouTube were very nice. Most of them were very nice.

— Hannah Bahng

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Also, Hannah is using the negative comments she received as motivation. She is going to work even harder.

And to the people who didn’t like it as much… I will try harder. I will try harder, and that’s just motivation for me to be better and work harder, but… To the people who loved it, thank you. I think it was really fun.

— Hannah Bahng

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Watch the full clip below.


I’m also Army since 2014 but I don’t give hate comments to other singers. If you’re Army, you know that I was sick when I saw my idols also get hate comments like you did. Please respect anyone’s work and you know Hannah is a talented singer who stands alone. #hannahbahng #sevenjungkook #fyp

♬ Clouds (Piano) – Tollan Kim

 Not everyone liked her cover of “Seven.” 

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