STAYC Wears Wrong Jerseys To Support Texas Rangers And Go Viral Across The Globe


Fourth-generation girl group STAYC announced their third mini-album, TEENFRESH, in July and excitingly revealed they would be going on their first-ever world tour.

Their tour, which shares the same name as their mini-album, began with two shows in Seoul at the end of September before the group continued to the United States, where they are currently in the midst of their seven scheduled U.S. shows.

(From left:) STAYC’s J, Sieun, Seeun, Isa, Sumin, and Yoon in Dallas, Texas | @STAYC_official/Twitter

Proving their global popularity with a thunderous chant of “STAYC girls, it’s going down” from the audience during their headlining performances for KCON 2022 Premiere, STAYC continued to show their popularity when they sold out three of their U.S. shows in only two days.

STAYC – RUN2U ; 220521 [KCON 2022 @ CHICAGO]
—— #STAYC #RUN2U #스테이씨

— The Kpop Stage 𓆩𖤐𓆪 (@THEKPOPSTAGE) July 21, 2022

On October 19, STAYC took the stage in Dallas, Texas, captivating the audience with their performance.

During the show, they wore different fashion looks, including eye-catching dresses, tour merch with denim, and local jerseys to show love for some of the state’s professional sports teams, including the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys.

STAYC’s Sieun wearing a Dallas Mavericks jersey | @daysofhyun/Twitter STAYC’s J (left) in a Dallas Mavericks jersey, and Seeun (center) and Yoon (right) in Dallas Cowboys jerseys | @daysofhyun/Twitter

The group’s stylists chose Rangers jerseys for members Isa and Sumin, meaning to represent Dallas’s professional baseball team, but the stylists mistakenly dressed them in vintage jerseys for the Rangers Football Club instead, which is a professional football club in Scotland.

STAYC’s Sumin (left) and Isa (right) | @robertbabble/Twitter

While sports fans, like many fandoms, are known to be fiercely loyal to their favorite teams, netizens recognized the wardrobe mixup as a well-intentioned mistake, and the talented STAYC members earned attention and love across the globe from Rangers Football Club fans.

K-pop band STAYC mistakenly wore the wrong Rangers shirts for their gig in Texas. Sorry not sorry @Rangers, the mighty @RangersFC are taking over the south

— World Soccer Talk (@worldsoccertalk) October 24, 2023

K-Pop girl group leaves Texas crowd bemused after turning up in Rangers strips@RangersFC @STAYC_official

— Fitba Culture (@fitbaculture) October 23, 2023

Kpop band @STAYC_official maybe got the wrong Rangers shirts for their time in Dallas, TX or maybe they just love vintage Brian Laudrup headers! #ItsAllAboutTheRangers #RangersFC #9 @RangersFC

— Graeme Hanna (@graeme818) October 22, 2023

Love this !

— tariq panja (@tariqpanja) October 24, 2023

As fans of the Scottish professional football club reacted to the adorable moment, the story went viral and was picked up by major global media outlets, including the New York Times and BBC News (UK).

i’m crying…stayc going viral in scotland for wearing the wrong rangers jerseys at their dallas concert is so ?

— iconicstayc (@iconicstayc) October 24, 2023

Scottish SWITHs now hope the group will take their concert to Scotland soon!

 The well-intentioned styling mistake earned the group new fans from another continent. 

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