STAYC Talks Music, Motivation, And More Ahead of “KOREA ON STAGE IN LONDON”


Ahead of the much-awaited “KOREA ON STAGE IN LONDON,” happening November 8, 2023, at the OVO Arena Wembley, Koreaboo asked STAYC members for details about their performance for the concert as well as their music, teamwork, and goals!

STAYC | HIGH UP Entertainment

Check out the exclusive interview below:

Q. We’re looking forward to KOREA ON STAGE IN LONDON! What are some of the main points we should look for during the performance?

Sieun | HIGH UP Entertainment

Sieun: With a list of STAYC’s hit songs, I’m sure our London fans will have an
amazing time with us! We also prepared a cover performance that everybody would like. You’ll be surprised! The performance will be in STAYC’s color, so please look forward to it! We’ve been preparing for this with so much excitement because it is our first performance in London.

Q. What is STAYC looking to achieve from this event? Specific goals for KOREA ON STAGE, perhaps?

Yoon: The fact that we can see our fans in London is such a big achievement on its own! There weren’t a lot of opportunities to see our fans overseas, so I’m so thankful for this opportunity! Through our performance at KOREA ON STAGE, I want to make my fans in London happy and give them a memorable time.

Q. Traveling across seas to perform sounds amazing, but also stressful, in a sense. How do you deal with the backstage pressure, if you feel any? Do you have pre-show rituals that help you with shaking off the nervousness?

J | HIGH UP Entertainment

J: I don’t get nervous as much when I’m on stage. Whenever I do, though, I tell myself to have fun and that makes me calm down a bit more!

Q. Let’s talk about STAYC’s latest album and the world tour of the same name. Are there any unforgettable behind-the-scenes stories from the album promotion and/or tour?

Isa | HIGH UP Entertainment

Isa: It was such a special moment when the fans were chanting even before the performance started! Also, we have set up dress codes for each concert, and it was so cool to see the fans in various outfits.

Q. Must’ve been quite an experience to see the fans. What motivates STAYC to make music?

Sumin: SWITHs are our biggest motivation. It’s hard when we’re preparing for the album, but I always think of our fans to cheer up.

Sieun: I think about SWITHs a lot, too, who are waiting for our new music and concepts. Also, I find motivation in the people who work hard with us when recording, and those who support us by thinking about the direction of our albums. My passion for making great music is a source of motivation, too!

Q. What are some of your favorite choreographies?

Isa: My favorite choreography is “Slow Down”! I love the energetic moves and it’s fun to dance to.

Seeun | HIGH UP Entertainment

Seeun: My go-to dance is for our debut track, “SO BAD.” I especially like the pair dances that all of our members do!

J: My fave is the cat-ear dance from “POPPY.” It’s catchy, and it received a lot of love from TikTok!

Q. What other genres would STAYC like to try?

Sumin | HIGH UP Entertainment

Sumin: I love energetic concepts. Since Christmas season is right around the corner, I wish we could have our own Christmas song!

Q. What about collaborations? Which artists would you like to work with in the future?

Sieun: It feels like a dream, but I want to collaborate with Ariana Grande and Charlie Puth!

Q. Like a dream that could come true soon! What about role models? Who helped shape your idol careers?

Isa: Girls’ Generation is our role model. We get inspired to be a group that is loved so widely, too. We also aspire to work on as many projects as they have, and have the best teamwork like they do.

Q. Last but not least, where is STAYC going next? What can SWITHs expect?

Yoon | HIGH UP Entertainment

Yoon: There are so many things that STAYC hasn’t shared, yet. So we want to try our best to show SWITHs what we’ve got, as much as possible, as growing artists.

Seeun: Our goal is to try all types of genres and put our spin on them to make them ours!

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Nov 8, 2023, OVO Arena Wembley


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 SWITHs, get ready! 

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