Star Rapper MEENOI Breaks Contract — Netizens Allude It To Her Tearful Livestream


Rapper MEENOI previously confused fans after a convoluted apology and tearful livestream. She made references to having made mistakes and having sinned but did not clarify what she was referring to.

Because unlike me, everyone lives within the confines of the law, and when I reflect back, I realize I didn’t live with the humility required of someone in my position, and because of this, I have sinned.The things that I have done are like this. I am so sorry to and thankful for so many people. I am sure I might seem unstable at times to those who watch me try to take responsibility for these things. Now that I am writing this long letter, I realize that people who were curious and judged me for talking slowly were actually giving me a lot of strength. As for today, I will write everything that I want to. Please support me rather than be concerned for me, but I’ll accept your concerns thankfully.


Meenoi crying on livestream. | @meeinoie/Instagram

On February 7, 2024, more light was shed on why she had cried when a news outlet reported that she had failed to show up for a commercial shoot. The shoot was scheduled for January 30, 2024, and had been agreed upon since a year ago. She was to model for a makeup brand but did not turn up for the shoot.

It was also reported that the brand CEO had agreed not to receive any fees for the breaking of the contract between MEENOI, AOMG, and themselves. They were considering a legal battle but were worried about going up against AOMG.

I think we have to undergo a legal battle as our brand model did not turn up to the commerical shoot. We’re worried as they are a big corporation.

— Cosmetics brand CEO

Netizens speculate that the matter was related to her livestream. She even claimed that “people will realize why I was like that, around March.” If the two issues are related, any legal proceedings would probably begin around that time, due to the long process of filing lawsuits and reviewing contracts. AOMG briefly stated to the media that they were checking up on the matter.

 She previously held a livestream in tears. 

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