Squid Game star Lee Byung-hun’s home in Los Angeles burgled


One of the most popular stars of Korean entertainment is Lee Byung-Hun. He is known globally for his shows like Squid Game, Iris, Mr Sunshine and Our Blues. Hollywood entertainment outlet TMZ has reported that Lee Byung-Hun’s home is Los Angeles was burgled. It seems the top Korean star was not at home when the incident occurred. A staff member of Lee Byung-hun’s agency saw the break-in, and reported it to the police. There are no details as yet on what has been stolen, and exact amount of loss. BollywoodLife brings to you all the latest entertainment news updates. Join us on WhatsApp.

Lee Byung-Hun victim of high-profile robberies in LA

As per TMZ, the police suspects that this incident is a part of the burglaries that are happening in the rich neighbourhoods of Los Angeles in recent past. They do not feel that Lee Byung-Hun was specifically targeted here. Actress Lena Waithe who lives nearby also experienced robbery. She has lost jewels worth USD 200,000 which is around 267.4 million KRW. It seems no arrests have been made in the Lee Byung-Hun case.

Lee Byung Hun was in the news of late

Lee Byung-Hun married Lee Min-Jung in the year 2013. They have a son Joon-Ho. In December 2023, the couple have welcomed home a baby girl. The actor is getting rave reviews for his work in Concrete Utopia. He will be seen in Squid Game 2 in 2024. He has chosen Heavy Snow by writer No Hee-kyung as his next project. Concrete Utopia a disaster drama is Korea’s entry for Oscars 2024. It also stars Park Seo-Joon.  

 It seems Korean star Lee Byung-hun’s home in Los Angeles has been burgled. The cops have not yet ascertained the extent of the loss 

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