Squid Game Season 2: FIRST LOOK of the Lee Jung-jae starrer is out


Who did not love Squid Game? The K-drama has received all the love from the audience and people always have on their binge watch list. Well, now it is time for the continuation of the K-drama. It has been two years since Squid Game released and the K-drama is about the hidden world of capitalism with 456 players desperate for money battle to the death in a series of childhood games. It is the most awarded series and now the second season of the popular K-drama is all set to begin. Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk is now back with season 2 on Netflix. Get all the latest Bollywood and entertainment news updates instantly as BollywoodLife in now on WhatsApp People are excited about it as the second season would continue the story of Gi-hun right where they had left it. Gi-hun seeks revenge as he has changed by the brutality of the games. During the final episode of Squid Game, Gi-Hun realises that the world has been evil and that makes him see the world differently. He does try to move on in his life and gives away cash prizes he won to his friends’ families. Netflix has now finally released a first-look at Squid Game Season 2.

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The second season would began Gi-hun finding the answers about who began the Games and try to stop it for the good. The new season will also see the mission to bring back the Front Man, the Salesman, and Hwang Jun-ho. The first images for Squid Game Season 2 are also released by Netflix on their official Instagram handle. We see Gi-hun come face to face with the Salesman. In the other image, we see one of the Games’ guards. The new season will also have Celebrity and Sweet Home star Park Gyu-young. Squid Game Season 2 is scheduled to release in late 2024.

 The first look of the second season of the Lee Jung-jae starrer Squid Game is out now. The glimpse from the second season has raised the excitement level. 

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