South Korean singer IU reveals how Kim Taehyung was cast in Love wins All; latter shares unseen BTS pics and videos


Popular South Korean Pop idols IU and Kim Taehyung collaborated on a music video called Love Wins All. The BTS member and the songstress surprised everyone with their amazing chemistry and acting chops in the MV, Love Wins All. Recently, a BTS video like a Bangtan Bomb was shared by IU on her official YouTube channel. The BTS video saw IU and Taehyung talking about various things. IU revealed how they got Kim Taehyung aka V on board for the MV. For all the latest Entertainment News and Hollywood News updates, follow us on WhatsApp.

IU and Kim Taehyung talk about how the latter joined the lead cast of Love Wins All

IU was asked how they got Kim Taehyung aka BTS V to be the lead opposite her in the MV. She revealed that she was talking to the director of the MV, Um Tae Hwa. They wanted someone who had the mood of a young boy. At the same time, he must also look very cool and reliable after the transformation. She revealed that she had to get in touch with V about something and the director was surprised. IU sent him the song after which he agreed to be a part of it. Taehyung loved the song and happily agreed to be a part of it. Taehyung was also asked the same question. He revealed that he was very excited to be a part of and work under Um Tae Hwa who is known for Concrete Utopia. He felt it would be a precious memory to work with him on a music video. Taehyung recalled receiving a call from IU and then he asked for the song first. When he heard the song, he felt that he would regret it if he was not a part of the song. He felt it was his kinda jam.

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Later in the video, IU also mentioned that Kim Taehyung brought a food trunk for the staff members and everyone on set. Taehyung graciously boasted about the same. IU called him an angel. The video also includes a lot of photoshoots that IU and Taehyung shot during the filming of the MV.

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Unfortunately, due to cold conditions, IU caught a cold.

 IU shared a BTS of her MV with Kim Taehyung, Love Wins All. The video is very adorable and IU and Taehyung share insight into making of the MV… 

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