South Korean Announcer Goes Viral For Losing 18KG In Months


Jeong Soon Ju, a 38-year-old South Korean announcer, has recently been in the spotlight not just for her anchoring skills but for her remarkable post-pregnancy transformation. Jeong has successfully shed 18 kilograms since the birth of her child in late 2021, a feat that has netizens talking.

Jeong post childbirth. | @apricotyeon/Instagram

Earlier today, through her personal social media, Jeong shared her bikini-clad photos showcasing her toned physique. Alongside the photos, she noted how her remarkable transformation came to be.  She shared with her followers that she doesn’t have a rigorous exercise routine, yet many were curious about how she managed to get back in shape after childbirth. Her candidness about her weight loss journey has resonated with many, making her an inspiring and encouraging figure among her audience.


Jeong shared a nostalgic moment where she compared her current physique to her pregnancy photos. She was open about how she considered herself to be chubbier during her pregnancy, weighing 67 kilograms, and how she managed to shed 18 kilograms post-childbirth.

Jeong post childbirth. | @apricotyeon/Instagram

Alongside her photos, Jeong also shared some personal tips on how she managed her body post-pregnancy. Despite her admission of not being keen on exercising, the photos clearly depicted a disciplined routine that has helped her achieve a toned body. The contrast between her past and present photos showcases her dedication to regaining her fitness post-pregnancy.

| @apricotyeon/Instagram

What makes Jeong’s transformation even more admirable is the fact that she balanced a demanding career alongside new motherhood. Her story challenges the common perception that achieving a toned body requires an intense workout regime. Instead, Jeong’s approach emphasizes a balanced diet, a moderate exercise routine, and tuning into one’s body’s needs — a method that seems more realistic and sustainable for many.

| @apricotyeon/Instagram

The buzz around Jeong’s weight loss highlights the relatable and achievable fitness journey she embarked upon. It’s a refreshing story in a world often filled with unrealistic standards of fitness and beauty. Her ability to maintain a balanced lifestyle amidst a hectic schedule serves as a beacon of motivation for many, demonstrating that with a balanced approach, achieving a fit body post-pregnancy is within reach.

Jeong before her pregnancy. | Osen

By revealing her journey and story, Jeong has become a source of motivation for many aiming to live a healthier lifestyle. Her honest and straightforward approach towards fitness, along with her openness in sharing her journey, positions Jeong as a real-life inspiration in a world that’s often fixated on idealistic fitness standards. It’s no wonder her transformation is such a hot topic among Korean netizens.

 She went from 67 to 49 killograms in just a few months. 

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