Soni Razdan’s Farewell Note To “Bombay’s Bus Of Yore” Is Beautiful

Mumbai’s double-decker buses retired after eight decades of service last week. People have been sharing their fond memories of the iconic BEST bus. Veteran actress Soni Razdan has also joined the list. The actress, on a fine Sunday morning, decided to walk down memory lane. She has shared a picture of the red bus along with a long note on Instagram. Soni Razdan revealed that she “grew up with” “Bombay’s bus of yore” and used it every day. She said, “And one more icon bids us adieu. Bombay’s and Mumbai’s double-decker bus of yore, which I grew up with … and which I used every day going to college and to meet friends in Colaba.”

The Raazi actress remembered “the thrill of clambering up the noisy stairs” of the bus and looking out for the empty seats in the front. She claimed that the Mumbai “streets looked fascinating” from the front seats on the upper deck of the double-decker buses. “Still remember the thrill of clambering up the noisy stairs and finding the front seats empty. The streets looked fascinating from there,” Soni Razdan added. 

She continued, “Just one ride gave one so much food for thought. I remember the proximity to some buildings in crowded streets and many a time would get a glimpse into the rooms yonder.”

Soni Razdan added, “Life was teeming in every direction where people went about their day … be it eating or cleaning or getting a child ready. In some streets dancing girls would be practising, in others people hanging out of their windows watching the world go by while I watched them all, fascinated.” These memories are pure gold for the veteran actress, who claimed that she would have painted those scenes if only she had been an artist. Soni Razdan said, “If I had been an artist all that would have been my inspiration, and my ‘houses’ would be works of art in some gallery somewhere by now. Maybe some inherited affinity from my architect father perhaps!” She concluded by saying, “Nowadays may not travel by the lovely new ones, but I fondly remember the old. Bye-bye, Bombay buses.”

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Before this, Soni Razdan allowed us to take a look at her “night out” with Neena Gupta and Anu Ranjan. The veteran actress gave a shout-out to her “girls” saying that her “life wouldn’t be as ‘life-ly’ without” them. Sharing the picture-perfect frame of their time out together, the actress wrote, “After lights out…That is what it’s all about. With my girls Neena Gupta and Anu Ranjan life wouldn’t be as ‘life-ly’ without you.” 

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Soni Razdan is known for her work in films like Raazi, Saaransh, Nazar, and Daddy among others. The actress will be next seen in Pippa, featuring Ishaan Khatter in the lead role.

 The Raazi actress remembered “the thrill of clambering up the noisy stairs” of the bus and looking out for the empty seats in the front.     

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