Song Kang Gets Naked For Steamy “My Demon” Scene


Actor Song Kang has been receiving attention for his unrealistic facial visuals in the new K-Drama My Demon. Yet, his entire body is out of this world.

Song Kang

SBS TV‘s new K-Drama My Demon is currently ongoing. It stars Song Kang as demon Jeong Gu Won and Kim You Jung (also romanized as Kim Yoo Jung) as heiress Do Do Hee. The two become entangled when he loses his tattoo along with his abilities to her wrist.

A pitiless demon becomes powerless after getting entangled with an icy heiress, who may hold the key to his lost abilities — and his heart.

— Netflix

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By the end of Episode 4, Gu Won began to experience feelings for Do Hee as she saved him. Horrified of the idea of having romantic feelings for a “worthless human being,” Gu Won quickly left Do Hee abruptly at her home at the beginning of Episode 5.

#MyDemon serves nothing but the best & effectively gripping ep endings! so grateful & amazed how everything is executed so well THE DELIVERY IS SO NATURAL the scenes really give you the feels!!! #MyDemonEp4

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Do Hee is left confused by his hot and cold behavior. So, she visited him at his home to inquire about his true feelings.

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Meanwhile, Gu Won, flustered, decided to cool down with a shower…

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Yet, viewers were stunned by the steamy scene as the camera focused on Song Kang’s muscular physique, from his broad shoulders to chiseled abs and even pecs, as it highlighted his cross necklace that matches the tattoo.

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His visuals are all-around breathtaking. Are we sure this guy didn’t come straight out of a Webtoon?

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Do Hee ended up sneaking into his home and was attempting to reach a book from Gu Won’s bookshelf when he caught her. He reached up, preventing her reach, and she turned to see a half-naked Gu Won in front of her.

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Initially, she was distracted by the necklace only until he called her out.

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Jin Ga Yeoung (Jo Hye Joo), who has a crush on Gu Won, was spying on them and interrupted the unexpectedly intimate scene, provoking him to button up.

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Episode 5’s start surely captured viewers’ attention! We love to see more Song Kang on our screens.


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JUNG GUWON?!?!?!? #MyDemon #MyDemonep5

— ً (@minikangie) December 8, 2023

this is so illegal #MyDemon

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Recently, Song Kang garnered attention for his naked scene in Sweet Home 2. Despite his little screen time in the second season, we saw much more of him than before. Clearly, he’s been working out, and he’s not afraid to show off his hard work!

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