Son Ye Jin Gives Rare Glimpse Into Her Marriage With Hyun Bin


Son Ye Jin spoke lovingly about her husband Hyun Bin.

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On September 20, Son Ye Jin was a guest on a YouTube show that focuses on golf.

On this day, the actress revealed how she had been doing. The actress married top actor Hyun Bin last March and gave birth to the couple’s first child in November of that year.

I got married and gave birth to my child.

— Son Ye Jin

The actress also stated how much she missed her fans. The actress has yet to star in a new acting project since her marriage and childbirth.

I missed my fans so much. I am really excited to meet them, but I am also worried that they may think I am not good at golf.

— Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin then lovingly spoke about her husband. According to the actress, Hyun Bin is a great golf player and even better instructor.

My husband is really good at golf. After deciding to appear on this show, I practiced with him.

— Son Ye Jin

The show’s host, who is close with the couple, then revealed that during the couple’s wedding, both men and women were envious of the couple, to which, Son Ye Jin responded jokingly with her signature wit and charm.

Didn’t people say that I could have done a little better?

— Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin was then asked if Hyun Bin was really that kind, to which the actress responded, “He is really kind,” and complimented her husband.

Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin thrilled fans when the couple got married in March of last year. The power couple gave birth to their first child last November. You can watch Son Ye Jin’s full appearance by clicking here.

 What is it like being married to Hyun Bin? 

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