Son Heung Min’s Post-Match Interaction With National Teammate Hwang Hee Chan Is Gaining Attention


Korean soccer stars Son Heung Min and Hwang Hee Chan were seen sharing a touching moment after their English Premier League (EPL) match on February 17.

Son and Hwang | Yonhap

The match, which took place at the stroke of midnight Korean time, ended in a 2-1 victory for Wolverhampton, leaving Tottenham fans longing for a different outcome. Despite the intense competition on the field, it was the post-match interaction between two South Korean stars, Son Heung Min of Tottenham and Hwang Hee Chan of Wolverhampton, that captured the hearts of football enthusiasts worldwide.

Both Son and Hwang, who had recently represented South Korea in the 2023 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar, started the game for their respective teams. However, neither managed to find the back of the net during the match.

Son Heung Min, in particular, faced criticism for his performance, receiving the lowest rating among his teammates. This comes amid a challenging period for the player, marred by rumors of discord within the Korean national team during the Asian Cup, affecting his emotional well-being.

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The spotlight, however, shifted from the pitch to a moment of genuine friendship and support witnessed after the game. SPOTV shared a heartwarming scene on its official social media channels, showing Son Heung Min and Hwang Hee Chan sharing a hug, followed by a long conversation.

Son, sitting on an ice box, and Hwang, choosing the ground over any seat, engaged in a private discussion. The content of their conversation remains unknown, as the video was brief, but the warm atmosphere of mutual support and consolation between the two was unmistakably evident.

This interaction comes in the wake of a reported conflict between Son Heung Min and teammate Lee Kang-in, which allegedly escalated into a physical altercation during the Asian Cup. The incident, involving a disagreement over discipline that resulted in Son sustaining a finger fracture, has since been a source of much speculation and concern among fans.

Football fans, aware of the recent turmoil, flooded the video with supportive comments, highlighting the strong bond between Son and Hwang. Meanwhile, Hee Chan has reportedly sided with Son during his conflict with Lee Kang In.

 All eyes were on them during the game. 

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