Son Heung Min Breaks Silence On Feud With PSG’s Lee Kang In


Son Heung Min has finally spoken up about his feud with teammate Lee Kang In.

Lee Kang In (left) and Son Heung Min (right) | Auto Tribune

On February 21, the Tottenham Hotspurs star uploaded a photo with himself and Lee Kang In. The pair shocked a nation when it was revealed that they had gotten into a physical altercation before their semi-final match against Jordan in the 2024 Asian Cup.

In the post’s caption, the Korean captain carefully addresses fans while acknowledging the controversy for the first time and defending Lee Kang In.

Hello, this is Son Heung Min. Today, I would like to talk about a heavy subject. Kang In has been sincerely reflecting on his actions and has apologized to me and all of the players in the national team.

When I was young, I also made mistakes, but at the time, I had good Sunbaenims who gave me strict lessons that allowed me to become the player I am today.

— Son Heung Min

Son Heung Min then stated his commitment to helping Lee Kang and looked back at his role in the fray.

All of our players, as seniors, will make sure to guide Lee Kang In so that this does not occur again and will help him become a great player.

I believe that I was also wrong and that I deserve to be criticized as well. However, I believe that this is also a part of a captain’s role, so if I were in the same position, I would again act on behalf of the team. But in the future, I will try to do so in a more gracious way so that I can better lead the players.

— Son Heung Min

The Tottenham captain ended his post by asking fans to forgive Lee Kang In and pushed back on reports stating that the team was split between junior and senior players.

After that incident, Kang In is having a really hard time. I ask that you find it in your heart to forgive him. I am asking you as the captain of the national team. Please!

Also, the reports stating that the national team is split are all false, as we have always worked towards a common goal as one team. I apologize for causing such controversy despite the amount of love you have given us as football players. Our national team will work towards using this incident to become stronger. Again, I apologize as the captain of the national team.

— Son Heung Min

Netizens reacted to the news, with many fans heaping praise on the captain. Many fans praised Son Heung Min for exemplifying what it means to be captain of the national team.

Heung Min hyung, you are the goat… Such a warm person. Class. Wow, it is impossible not to love this hyung! I’m always rooting for you… Captain Son carries himself with the most class. Thank you, and I love you… He’s our GOAT… Seriously, he’s an angel… It must have been so tough for him as a captain ㅠㅠ. How could we not support and love him? Sonny ㅠㅠ. I’m sure you had a hard time. I hope you enjoy football now.

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