Son Heung Min Accused Of Faking His Injury By Lee Kang In Fans


A new controversy has emerged in the latest development surrounding the conflict between South Korean national football team stars Son Heung Min and Lee Kang In. Accusations have been leveled against Son Heung Min by fans of Lee Kang In, suggesting that Son may be exaggerating the severity of his injury.

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The allegations came to light through a post on Nate Pann, a popular online community, titled “Check out the content of Lee Kang In’s fan group chat with 600 members…“. The post included screenshots from a KakaoTalk group chat, reportedly consisting of around 600 members, all fans of Lee Kang In.

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The conversations within the chat were filled with discussions and comments that mocked Son Heung Min, especially in relation to the injury he sustained during the Asian Cup, which was previously reported to have been a dislocated finger resulting from a conflict with Lee Kang In.

In the leaked screenshots, fans expressed their support for Lee Kang In, with one stating, “I’ve said this multiple times, but it was indeed Lee Kang In who didn’t receive passes in several matches,” implying a bias against Lee Kang In on the field.

Other comments ridiculed Son Heung Min’s injury, with remarks such as “LOL, that damn finger” and “He seems to handle the ball well with his finger during training,” suggesting disbelief in the authenticity of Son’s injury.

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These leaked conversations have spurred a wave of criticism from Korean netizens, with many condemning the behavior of Lee Kang In’s fans. Comments such as “Don’t they realize this will only bring more hate towards Lee Kang In?” and “Were they the ones terrorizing (Son Heung Min’s) Instagram?” highlight the concern that such actions might inadvertently further harm Lee Kang In’s reputation.

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Furthermore, accusations of Lee Kang In’s fans attempting to dig up rumors about Son Heung Min’s personal life have added fuel to the fire, with one netizen remarking, “It’s always the fans causing trouble.”

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As the situation unfolds, both sets of fans are reminded of the importance of respectful and responsible fandom, especially in the face of conflict and controversy.


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