Somi Slashes The Price Of New Highlighter Palette Following Backlash From Netizens


A couple of days ago, soloist Somi revealed that she has started a new makeup brand, GLYF, with the first product being a highlighter palette.


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However, after learning that the four-colored palette cost ₩43,000 KRW (about $31.90 USD), netizens were quick to criticize the high price for such an item, even from a celebrity. In particular, the case was considered too “basic” and similar to any other low-budget makeup brand to excuse the price tag.

Additionally, some felt that the colors were not all appropriate for everyday use (such as blue and purple), making the palette not as versatile as others that have less unusual colors.

Here’s how some people reacted to the palette and its original price.

And it seems like Somi and her team have heard the complaints and have taken them seriously. On the website where you can purchase the palette, the price of ₩43,000 KRW has been slashed out and is now listed at ₩34,400 KRW (or about $25.50 USD).

It seems like criticism over the high price of celebrity products can pay off sometimes!

 It seems the criticism was heard! 

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