Somi, LE SSERAFIM, And aespa Take Over The Internet With Their Friendship


Somi‘s house was full of fun and laughter thanks to a visit from her close friends LE SSERAFIM‘s Huh Yunjin and aespa‘s Winter and Giselle. Naturally, the idols didn’t leave fans out of the fun.

Somi | CJ ENM

The four idols spent some of their free time together filming a few TikToks for eager fans.

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As Yunjin, Giselle, Winter, and Somi sat down and danced along, they completed LE SSERAFIM’s “Perfect Night” challenge.

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Having some fun with lighting effects and karaoke microphones, the friends jumped around for Somi’s “Fast Forward” challenge.

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They wrapped up the fun with aespa’s “Drama” challenge. Yunjin and Giselle took the lead as Somi and Winter occasionally popped in.

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The series of TikToks left fans overjoyed by their friendship. Maybe everyone will see more of Giselle, Somi, Winter, and Yunjin in the future.

this friendship between giselle, winter, somi, and yunjin is so cute

— ‎‏ً (@wntrult) November 13, 2023

giselle, winter, yunjin and somi were hanging out together at somi’s house

— —𝒎. (@aespanim) November 13, 2023

 They gave fans everything they wanted. 

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