“So Worried For Him” — Past Videos Of G-DRAGON Are Being Brought Back Into The Spotlight After His Drug Abuse Charges


G-DRAGON was recently booked for drug abuse. According to an exclusive report from News1, he was booked without detention on charges of drug abuse by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency. Following their investigation of Lee Sun Kyun, the police continued their investigations and found reasonable evidence pointing them to G-DRAGON and are continuing their investigation into him.

Following the news, netizens have been belatedly shining light on a couple of videos of G-DRAGON from months before. When the star headed overseas for his schedules, he showed up at the airport looking unstable.

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He was stumbling and hopping around.

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He also looked nervous and fidgety.

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Eventually, he safely made it past customs and onto the plane.

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The full video can be seen below.

Netizens have been expressing their worry for G-DRAGON since months ago. This way way before the news broke out. Due to G-DRAGON’s past record with marijuana, the airport video drew concern

I was so shocked after watching the airport video. I searched up G-Dragon videos and watched them for a week after that. Why is this so sad? I hope someone can save Kwon Jiyong. Did he touch hardcore drugs? When he was rapping “Still Life,” he was just the same as before, but in his interview video, his words were slurred. I hope he gets treatment and becomes healthy. I sincerely hope he isn’t having it too hard.

— leslieoh8324

YouTube comments on G-DRAGON.

Jiyong-ah, if you’re doing drugs, please stop. You were really someone who spoke calmly and smartly, while not forgetting to smile with your eyes, talking about deep things through interviews, touching people. Now, when I watch your interview videos, you speak with a pause between words, and the speed of your speech has also slowed down… Things can’t be helped if it’s not drugs, but simply that you feel pressure on camera… I don’t know. Time has passed, so am I the weird one for searching for how you were like in the past? Or have you gone down a bad path…

— doel8126

Another video of him at a wedding was also brought back. Netizens wondered if he was under the influence as he was unable to keep still. Some of the side effects of drug abuse include fidgeting, hallucinations, and not being able to stand still.

가만 못 있네 진짜.
이거 보고 다 약했냐고 그러더니…
결국#지드래곤 나의 지디야 왜그래 pic.twitter.com/i5tQaOfNRB

— 𝕏 벨롱벨롱 (@Tyubi1218) October 25, 2023

He really can’t stand still. People were wondering if he did drugs when they saw this… Ultimately… GD, my GD, why are you like this?

— tyubi1218

G-DRAGON’s representatives have yet to speak up on the case. YG Entertainment have already declined to comment, as G-DRAGON is not under the company any longer.

 Netizens are worried. 

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