SM Entertainment Releases Statement On The Status Of All Members’ Contracts


It was previously reported that both SHINee’s Taemin and Onew will both be leaving SM Entertainment. Taemin will reportedly sign with BPM Entertainment, home to VIVIZ.

SHINee’s Taemin Reportedly To Leave SM Entertainment For BPM Entertainment

SM Entertainment issued an official statement on March 5, 2024. While Key and Minho are discussing staying, it seems like Taemin and Onew are still considering their options.

They will continue group promotions with SM Entertainment without change, but the contracts regarding their individual activities  will be decided upon based on each of the members’ wishes. We are in the midst of positive discussions with Key and Minho regarding their individual activities as well as their group ones. Onew is exploring as he leaves himself open to various directions. Our exclusive contract with Taemin ends end March, and nothing has been confirmed about after his contract ends. We heard he is considering things from various angles.

— SM Entertainment

Stay tuned for more updates on the matter. 

 They addressed the matter. 

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