SM Entertainment Charges An Idol For Parking — Fans Call Out The Massive Petty Energy


In the latest episode of Knowing BrosSuper Junior‘s Kyuhyun called out SM Entertainment for charging him parking fees.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun | @jtbcbros/Instagram

The idol commented that while he was visiting to practice for his promotions as part of Super Junior, the management asked him to use paid parking.

Kyuhyun expressed that he felt a little disappointed about the whole situation as fellow Super Junior member Heechul explained that it was because Kyuhyun was no longer signed under SM Entertainment.

회사 나갔다고 주차비 따로 내라고…ㅇㅁㅇ #규현

— 채니 (@rbgus882323) January 20, 2024

Kyuhyun: No, wait. I really want to mention this. I went to SM Entertainment to practice for the Super Junior promotions. And they told me that I have to pay for parking.

Heechul: Oh, because you’re not under SM Entertainment anymore?!

Kyuhyun: But I still am a part of Super Junior which is under SM Entertainment.

The revelation has since frustrated Super Junior fans, regardless of whether Kyuhyun meant to be good-humored about it. While Kyuhyun, individually, is no longer managed by SM Entertainment, Super Junior—as a group—still is. And considering it had been a group-related visit, hundreds of fans are now blasting the management for “massive petty energy.”

| @jtbcbros/Instagram

It’s SM Entertainment forever for me.

— Kyuhyun

In particular, fans who work in offices compared their workplaces’ parking policies—sharing that even guests are typically offered parking validation to park for free.

| theqoo “It’s common sense to not charge even those from other companies if the visit is for business… The pettiest sh*t ever.” “Most companies don’t charge parking for business visits. Some people are out here defending SM Entertainment… You all have never worked in an office before, huh?” “I work in the tiniest office, and even we offer free parking if we have visitors for business.” “I don’t even think it’s about the parking fee. It’s so disrespectful.” “Did his car not get registered as an artist vehicle or something? Can’t the guards open the gates if he explains? I hope it’s not that he tried telling them and was still charged.” “It sounds like SM Entertainment is NOT a place where people would want to work.” [Deleted Comment] “It makes sense, though… He’s not someone who works there.” “But he DOES work there because he’s still a part of Super Junior.” “As long as he remains a part of Super Junior, he has ties to SM Entertainment and should be considered a part of the management. It’s not like SM Entertainment is not making profit off him. When he promotes as a part of Super Junior, SM Entertainment takes a percentage of his earnings.” “SO PETTY. LMAO. I work somewhere that offers parking validation to all visitors who come for business.” “This is such massive petty energy. Hahaha.”

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 Treating him like a total stranger for what?! 

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