“Single’s Inferno” Dex’s Sexy New Profile Photos Have Netizens Going Batsh*t Crazy


Ever since Dex (known as Kim Jin Young) stepped out of the fiery love battleground of Single’s Inferno, he has been the name on everyone’s lips — and it seems the buzz isn’t dying down anytime soon. The latest from South Korea’s heartthrob has the internet in a collective swoon for a good reason.

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Dex’s new profile photos have dropped, and they are nothing short of jawdropping, with netizens going batsh*it crazy over them.

| TheQoo

Posing against a simple gray backdrop, Dex’s new photos highlight what fans and casual observers alike have come to love about him: his undeniable charm and sexy good looks.

| TheQoo

The choice of attire — a sleek black suit paired with a casual t-shirt — speaks volumes of his ability to look hands up gorgeous even with a casual look. Paired with a simple hairdo shifts the focus of the pictures on nothing but Dex’s handsome visuals.

| TheQoo

The photos have spread like wildfire across various community sites, with one particular post on TheQoo amassing over 64,700 views and counting, accompanied by more than 200 comments.

| TheQoo

Fans have been singing praises to the star’s looks in the comments, with his smile particularly standing out to many.

| TheQoo “So beautiful when he smiles.” “T-T He’s so good-looking.” “What a handsome guy…” “Haha. I caught myself mumbling about how handsome he is. Didn’t even know I was saying it out loud…” “He’s so my type. LOL.” “It’s a wonder how he wasn’t a celebrity all this time.” “His eyes are shaped so nicely.”

But it’s not just his looks that have people talking recently. Dex is riding the wave of his Single’s Inferno fame straight into the heart of Korea’s entertainment industry. He’s been cast as the male lead in a new mystery thriller K-Drama on U+ Mobile titled Tarot. The show promises to be as intriguing as its leading man and will undoubtedly provide Dex with a platform to showcase his acting chops alongside his visual appeal.

| TheQoo

With his sexy new profile photos causing a stir and an exciting acting role on the horizon, Dex is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world. Netizens, grab your fans because it seems like this “inferno” is only getting started.

 Netizens, grab your fans because it seems like this “inferno” is only getting started. 

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