“Single Since Birth” — Korea’s “Motae Solo” Rate Will Shock You


Motae Solo is a term in Korean commonly known amongst K-Pop fans. It translates to “single since birth!” It is used to refer to singles who have yet to experience a relationship in their entire lives. This usually does not include situationships or flirting.

A consensus taken by a dating consultant company in 2024 showed that 57.3% of people in their 20s to 30s were single since birth. They mostly quoted financial issues as the cause, as well as having “no particular reason.” 17.2% of single people used financial issues as a reason, 15.8% for no particular reason, and 10% were unable to find someone they liked. Unsurprisingly, 9.5% felt that dating was troublesome, while 9% just didn’t fell like it.

Furthermore, while 57.3% were single since birth, 75.8% of the surveyed people (inclusive of the 57.3%) were currently single. The most people (25.4%) looked at visuals and first impressions the most when dating, while 13.6% went for values, and 5.9% went for financial capabilities.

Although South Korea used to be known as a “country for couples,” where most things such as activities, meals, and more came in sets of two, the reality is slowly changing. Eating alone is now a norm, as are activities and items for one. More studio apartments are being built, to feed the growing demand for singular person households.


 Korea was once known as the “country for couples.” 

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