Singer Lim Young Woong Shows Love For Elderly Fanbase With Unique Concert Amenities


Singer Lim Young Woong has won the internet’s heart again with his considerate action toward his fans.

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Lim, one of the most popular soloists in South Korea, is a trot singer with a predominantly elderly fanbase. Despite the age demographic, his fans are known for their passionate support of the artist, making him a fierce competition during award shows, even against K-Pop giants like BTS. Lim, in return, has shown his kindness and gratitude toward his fanbase throughout his career. But his latest move has left people in awe.

On October 27, Lim Young Woong kicked off his IM HERO TOUR 2023 at the Seoul KSPO Dome. It was the first of his three-night show at the venue. Korean online communities have been abuzz with praise and positive reviews of the concert.

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Besides Lim’s live performances, people were also impressed by the innovative stage setup. The venue had 12 large screens hung up in the air to offer the elderly audience a better view of the performances, no matter the seat. This not only helped people with poorer vision enjoy the shows better but also eliminated the chances of concert-goers having unsatisfactory view of the stage due to blind spots in the 360-degree seating area. This setup is estimated to have cost millions of Wons.

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Apart from the screens, Lim Young Woong and his team had made several other arrangements at the venue to accommodate his unique audience. To ensure the audience members’ comfort, each of the seats was equipped with cushions that they could take home after the show.

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The venue was also staffed with safety personnel who guided the fans with flashlights through the dimly-lit concert hall. There were also dedicated staff members stationed from the concert hall to various nearby subway stations to make sure the concert-goers could return home safely.

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The venue also had designated waiting areas for non-audience members, where the children or other family members accompanying the concert-goers could wait during the event. This amenity is the first of its kind in the history of music concerts.

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Lim Young Woong also went another extra mile to ensure his concert would be memorable for his fans and arranged for age-appropriate free events such as postcard collection, photo zones, and face painting!

| @lim_who/Twitter | @lim_who/Twitter

Every aspect of Lim’s concerts reflected the utmost care and attention that went into planning an enjoyable experience for his fans, and netizens couldn’t praise the singer enough for that!

 Some of these innovative arrangements were first in the history of concerts. 

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