“Sincere, Witty, Useful” — BTS’s V Nailed The Door Gifts For Fans At His Picnic-Themed Fanmeeting


BTS’s V recently held a solo fanmeeting, (V)ICNIC. He held it outdoors at Kyunghee University. Taking advantage of the lovely fall weather, the fans enjoyed outdoor seating in a cooling breeze.

V made sure to treat each fan with the utmost respect and warmth, preparing door gifts for them.

Each fan received a box of mini cookies. The cookies were themed with purple hearts and bears, things that represent BTS, ARMY, and V. Of course, V’s beloved puppy Yeontan also made a surprise appearance. There were also yakgwa cookies, which are the trending dessert in South Korea at the moment.

Each ARMY also got a tin case with a special ticket and photocard.

Most offline events come with exclusive photocards as door gifts. These cards are rare and limited, and can fetch a hefty some when resold.

As it was an outdoor event, V also made sure that fans wouldn’t get affected by fickle weather. He gave each fan a disposable raincoat.

Netizens were impressed by V’s wittiness in picking out gifts.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo The gifts are so full of sense, the people who went there must’ve loved it. Hope they had a happy time. The ticket is so pretty. Cute. Kyaaaa. He’s so sincere. The wittiness is insane. Yeontan cookies are f*cking cute. I’m so jealous. I’m jealous. His tribute to fans is filled with sincerity. I want the cookies too. Pretty. I can feel his sincerity. The cookies are especially cute.

Imagine eating cookies under the autumn sky while listening to V’s glorious voice! A perfect fanmeeting indeed.

 We want to go on a “V-icnic” with him too. 

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