Should Han So Hee Have Acted In “Doona!” Instead Of Suzy? — Netizens Debate


Suzy‘s latest flick Doona! was released on Netflix on October 20, 2023. She rocked the role of Lee Doona, an idol singer who temporarily strays from her restrictive life as a celebrity. She was perfect for the role, from her visuals, to her singing and dancing skills.

Many were also glad to see Suzy as an idol again, even though it’s only through a drama role.

Just a day after release, a post on an online community went viral with over 76,000 views. Someone had suggested that Han So Hee might have been a better fit for the role. They cited that Suzy’s acting as a delinquent, smoking and cursing, was awkward.

Smoking is bad but queen Lee Doona ( Bae Suzy ) looks sexy while smoking ..

DoonaOutNow#Doona #이두나 #SUZY #수지

— 영원한배수지 (SUZY) (@suzycontents) October 20, 2023

On the other hand, that image would suit Han So Hee more.

Han So Hee smoking predebut.

Her visuals also would suit the role as the center in an idol group.

Others still felt that as Suzy has experience as a real idol, she was literally made for the role.

Netizen reactions. | Nate Pann But it would be hard for Han So Hee to dance and sing. Originally, Suzy was the one that most people wanted for the casting. And if you watch the drama, the character is not a light and breezy one like in the webtoon. At the very least, Suzy suits this adaptation the most. I actually think that it was more engaging to have someone who used to be an idol act in this, so I liked it. Suzy was just the very essence of Lee Doona to me. What crap are you saying? The webtoon artist drew the character while looking at Suzy initially. If you just look at their visuals, Han So Hee is more of a cat-like face. But Lee Doona has a more foxy feel rather than just a sexy, sultry one. Suzy suits it more. I agree. Honestly, even in terms of acting skills. Perhaps it’s because of her image, but it was so awkward when Suzy smoked and cursed. Suzy is prettier than Han So Hee anyway.

What do you think?

 Who would’ve played it better? 

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