Shoaib Ibrahim, Dipika Kakar FINALLY do their baby boy Ruhaan’s face reveal and he’s one adorable cutie


Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar welcomed a baby boy, Ruhaan, 3 months ago. The duo was blessed with a child after 5 years of their marriage. God has plans for everyone and now, the family feels complete with Ruhaan’s arrival. For a long time, Dipika and Shoaib’s fans have been asking them to share pics of their newborn baby boy. And they have finally introduced Ruhaan to the world.

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim reveal Ruhaan’s face in their latest vlog

Just a couple of hours ago, Shoaib Ibrahim shared a vlog and a picture on the photosharing app, revealing his baby boy’s face. Ruhaan clocked three months today and the husband and wife duo upon the insistence of the elders refrained from sharing pictures of Ruhaan in their vlogs or on social media all this time. But today, Shoika fans have finally seen Ruhaan’s face. Talking about which, Ruhaan has both Dipika Kakar and Shoaib as far as looks go since he is too young right now. Sometimes he looks like Shoaib and sometimes he looks like Dipika. He has the eyes of his pretty mom, big and expressive. And he is one cutie patootie. Shoaib and Dipika wanted to reveal Ruhaan’s face for a long time but they respect the wishes of the elders. The whole family had gathered together for the vlog and face reveal. They even cut the cake as Ruhaan completed 3 months on the 21st of September.

Check out Shoaib Ibrahim, Dipika Kakar’s post on the face reveal of Ruhaan here:

Shoaib Ibrahim shares the deets in the vlog

Shoaib Ibrahim shared that Ruhaan’s circumcision took place as well. And he is back to being his normal, playful self. Ruhaan is very curious about the camera and stops moving or being his naughty self whenever anyone is filming him. The happiness on Dipika and Shoaib’s faces after the face reveal is evident. The Ajoonie actor shares feeling light after the face reveal. They both love and respect their fans.

Watch Shoaib Ibrahim’s video log here:

Talking about their vlog, Niku visited them and cooked chicken which they gorged on. They showed the prep of the same in the vlog. The whole family also watched the recently released song, Pyar Eda Da, featuring Shoaib and Rashami Desai. The family members also shared their views including Dipika who was all praise for the music video. Shoaib and Dipika seek blessings for their little ones as well.

 Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar’s fans would be revelling right now as the Sasural Simar Ka duo have revealed the face of their baby boy, Ruhaan to the world. 

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