SHINee’s Taemin Goes Viral For His Reaction To A Wardrobe Malfunction Mid-Performance


SHINee‘s Taemin recently made his comeback with a solo album, Guilty, and its title track of the same name. This song includes sensual choreography, including touching one’s face by putting the hand through one’s shirt from the bottom to slightly reveal the abs.

Still, Taemin was not expecting to reveal so much during his performance.

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Recently, Taemin performed at SBS Inkigayo, wearing a white shirt barely holding on by its buttons. Taemin’s abs were already peaking, but after he did the signature choreography, he accidentally unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, revealing his entire chest too!

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When Taemin realized what had happened, he shyly smiled. He had the cutest reaction!

Your browser does not support video.| 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube

Yet, the show must go on, so he continued the performance despite the wardrobe malfunction.

Your browser does not support video.| 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube

And he did so much to fans’ happiness. The clip went viral on TikTok with over 345K views and on X (formerly Twitter) with over 105K views at the time of writing.

The way that button just pops open and then Taemin goes all shy but keeps dancing 🧎‍

— ᴍ. (@TAEMdoku) November 14, 2023


— cindy (@unravelingsky) November 14, 2023


OH MY GOD TAEMIN #taemin #shinee

♬ Guilty – TAEMIN

Taemin is a true professional!

Watch the full performance below.

 Could he be any sexier?! 

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