SHINee’s Key Might Be Promoting McDonald’s Again, And Fans Are Not Happy


It appears as though SHINee‘s Key and fast food chain McDonald’s might be collaborating again.

SHINee’s Key | McDonald’s Korea

SHINee are the “kings of Halloween” at SM Entertainment‘s annual Halloween party, SMTOWN Wonderland. Yet, one year in particular went down in history as Key and Onew dressed up as the iconic fast-food chain mascots, Ronald McDonald and Kentucky Fried Chicken‘s Colonel Sanders, respectively. Many memes were born that night. To this day, these memes circulate not only in the K-Pop community but the entire internet.

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After Key went viral for his legendary costume, McDonald’s gave him a gift as he helped spark interest in the fast food chain.

| SM Entertainment & McDoanld’s’ Korea

It went full circle when Key officially advertised for McDonald’s just last year. In January 2023, Key was featured as McDonald’s Korea CF model.

While Key has not advertised for McDonald’s for months, McDonald’s Korea has shared a post that seems to imply they are working together again. It marks a year since he first officially advertised for the company.

McDonald’s Korea updated both Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) with a new photo. Key’s employee headshot from his Good & Great era was featured on a sign in a McDonald’s location. It read, “Marketing team new employee: Key/Kim Ki Beom.” The caption said, “First day at work.” 

Last year, fans were excited about Key’s brand deals.


he’s so iconic #key #kimkibum #shinee

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – ครูศรีหนุ่ม the comedian c17 – ครูศรีหนุ่ม

Now, many are disappointed that he might have signed yet another deal with McDonald’s. Currently, McDonald’s is part of a boycott list for Palestine.

Hello SM, We do NOT want SHINee or any of your artists to associate or promote STARBUCKS, McDonald’s, or any companies that are financing a genocide in Palestine. Please take note of our concerns.@SMTOWNGLOBAL@SHINee#SM_BOYCOTT_GENOCIDE

— 𝐳𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐰𝐨𝐨 (@kzjw98) January 22, 2024

mcdonalds partnering with kpop idols, especially with the news now that key is partnering with them, is making my stomach churn with fucking rage………. the lengths these companies go through when it comes to have people keep buying from them is so fucking evil.

— — h 𓆩♡𓆪. (@jjongariesun) January 22, 2024

Since mcdonalds is feeding a sadistic militia that’s gleefully burning children alive, destroying their homes and poisoning their water supplies. Some people thinks Key’s okay with this, when they know well that Kibum is part of a company which can use his image as they want.

— SHINee (@Shinee_____Five) January 22, 2024

On the upside, at least the McDonalds boycott is getting more visibility now.

Please continue to boycott. It doesn’t matter which “branch” supported the IDF – the parent company is the same and the money ultimately ends up in the same place.

Love you, Key, but hate this promo.

— Guilty (AF) | ⁵ | xoalsox adoration squad | (@OJKMT_Supremacy) January 22, 2024

Since October, the death toll in the Gaza Strip in Palestine has surpassed 25,000 in the ongoing Israel and Palestine crisis, according to the Ministry of Health in the territory. The surviving Palestinians in Gaza continue to struggle to survive as many are injured, starving and have lost homes, family, and friends.

Consequently, any companies that have supported Israel in any way are boycotted in solidarity with Palestine. McDonald’s is one of the main restaurants boycotted since October as McDonald’s Israel provided thousands of free meals to the Israel Defense Forces. Yet, McDonald’s corporate recently claimed it’s “not funding or supporting any governments involved in this conflict.”

Please see our statement on this:

— McDonald’s UK (@McDonaldsUK) January 16, 2024

However, customers have proof that McDonald’s in the U.S. changed its chicken sandwich wrapper to the Israeli flag colors in October. Likewise, McDonald’s Israel has been outspoken in support of the IDF.

A customer expresses her outrage after McDonalds changed its packaging colors to the colors of the Israeli flag.

— Kuffiya (@Kuffiyateam) October 22, 2023

McDonalds is not coping well with the McBoycott over its free McGenocide meals for IDF terrorists while Israel starves Palestinians in Gaza.

— Polly Tickal (@BubblesToBurst) January 17, 2024

McDonald’s has taken a hit worldwide. So, netizens have been on alert as the fast food chain continues to announce collaborations with big names in K-Pop, such as NCT‘s Doyoung and NewJeans. Read more below.

NCT Doyoung’s Recent Endorsement Deal With McDonald’s Sparks Controversy Due To Israel-Palestine Conflict

 Currently, McDonald’s is boycotted. 

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