SHINee Choreographer Kany Claps Back At Toxic Fans 


Famous French Senegalese choreographer and dancer Kany Diabaté Ahn, who has previously worked with legendary music artists Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, has recently become well-known among K-Pop fans. She is the choreographer behind SHINee‘s “HARD,” Key‘s “Gasoline,” and VIVIZ‘s “Maniac.”

As you can tell from her previous posts, Kany is a proud Shawol who has always emphasized that SHINee is and always will be five. Still, she has been criticized by toxic fans.

Recently, Kany and Key’s friendship has been publicized as they appeared together on an episode of the variety show I Live Alone (also known as Home Alone). The two bonded over food, K-Dramas, and more.

Additionally, Kany was a featured guest at Key’s solo concerts 2024 KEYLAND ON : AND ON. They performed “Intoxicating.”

240128 Key Land Day 2#Key and #Kany

— Letuce leave 5 star reviews only (@SKZ_lettuce) January 28, 2024

Kany shared photos commemorating Keyland. She described it as a “dream come true.”

She especially thanked Key, for whom she had endless praises. She referred to him as not only the G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) but also a friend, mentor, brother, etc.

This post garnered some negative attention. In reply to a perfectly innocent and supportive comment, a netizen criticized Kany, accusing her of disrespecting Taemin, although she has other posts that feature him. Some other netizens even agreed and began directing hate toward Key.

Kany was not having it, though. She directly responded to the hate comments, clearing up what she called a “nonsense narrative.” She said that it’s not a competition and that she loves and respects both Key and Taemin equally, as they are both the “greatest of all time.”


Kany also reposted the screenshot of her reply to X (formerly Twitter). She called out the comments as “annoying and unnecessary.” She also revealed just how ridiculous it was as Taemin is actually her bias, and even Key is aware.

Those kinda comments are absolutely annoying and unnecessary. making an unhealthy competition between two people that respect each other is just . I’ve always raised my voice to support taemin . He is my bias . EVERYONE knows that , even key , so don’t come at me !!!

— Kany (@kanydiabate) January 31, 2024

Starting a fan war between a group’s members on any post is unnecessary, especially on their choreographer’s social media.

 She was not putting up with it! 

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