“She Told Me She Liked Me”—aespa’s Karina Spills That A BLACKPINK Member Reached Out To Her First


Aespa was recently spotted attending the finale concert of BLACKPINK‘s BORN PINK world tour.

They were seen actively enjoying the show, waving around their lightsticks…

love sick girl w//aespa playing blackpink’s light stick pic.twitter.com/ElpPnFIAGX

— t. (@lalalatiss) September 17, 2023

…posting on their Instagram accounts…

Aespa’s Ningning posted a video from Blackpink’s finale concert on her story 🩷 pic.twitter.com/DNJElwItNh

— 젠바 (@blackpinkbabo) September 18, 2023

…and generally looking happy all throughout.

It was an unlikely friendship considering that they belong to different companies and generations of K-Pop. Fans were curious about the connection between the two groups, with several lucky MYs asking these questions directly to them in a recent fan call. According to Giselle, aespa was personally invited to attend the BORN PINK concert.

We were invited before so we were really planning to go.

— Giselle

[VIDEO] AESPA’s Giselle talked about being invited before, so they already set the plan of going to the BORN PINK FINALE in Seoul.#BLACKPINK @BLACKPINKpic.twitter.com/VdaecrMKIz


Ningning added in a separate call that they were able to meet BLACKPINK backstage.

AESPA Ningning said AESPA met #BLACKPINK members after the concert and they were all so nice!#BLACKPINK @BLACKPINK



Finally, Karina revealed that she has a close friendship with a specific member of BLACKPINK—Jisoo.

I got close to Jisoo unnie.

— Karina

Though it is usually the younger artists who approach the older ones, this time it was the opposite. Jisoo initiated a meeting with Karina because she “liked” the other girl’s personality.

Unnie told me that she liked me and contacted me first.

— Karina

Your browser does not support video.

Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

They became even closer to each other without the public knowing. And like the good friend that she is, Karina made time to go to the encore concert of the YG Entertainment girl group in order to support her beloved unnie. She even stayed seated until the end despite having a packed schedule.

Karina attending BLACKPINK’s concert after she landed in Korea and she even finished the concert for JISOO 🫶 pic.twitter.com/eH2x6xXFTi

— 꽃 (@JisooDiorMuse) September 21, 2023

The members of aespa are certainly some of the most successful fangirls around!

Giselle who likes listening to Blackpink and Ningning choosing Jennie as her favorite member (both fun facts during pre debut) and now attending their concert bcs they were invited by them a successful blinks! pic.twitter.com/HSx7KWKyMP

— maki (@aerigatomf) September 17, 2023

 She’s a successful fangirl! 

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