“She Probably Wanted His Assets After He Dies” — The Public Turns Against Olympian Fencer In Her Case With Her Scammer Ex-Fiancé


Olympic fencer Nam Hyun Hee recently held an interview on October 30, 2023, on Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show. There, she aired her grievances about having been tricked by her ex-fiancé, a scammer with a criminal record, Jeon Chung Jo.

Nam on the interview show.

Jeon Chung Jo has told countless lies to Nam Hyun Hee during their period of dating. As Nam speaks out on them one by one, it seems like the public’s sentiments are also shifting. While they were highly sympathetic to her in the beginning, they are now suspicious of her intentions when she had begun dating Jeon.

Nam (left) and Jeon (right) for a magazine photoshoot.

One of Nam’s previous claims was how Jeon gained her friendship and trust initially by lying that he only had 6 months left to live. After this, the became friends and later lovers. Netizens wondered if Nam had her eye on his assets then. They compared the situation to a makjang drama, a drama genre known for its ridiculous plot twists.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo Her lack of brains… Then did she do it to gain inheritance…? Just how makjang is this drama going to get? Stop coming out… He really did his best to trick her… Things have to match up for someone to be tricked, but if he just throws things at her randomly only for her to still get tricked, then the scammer would’ve probably also been surprised. But why did she want to marry him? Was it to inherit the Paradise group? Every time she opens her mouth, it is something that shows she’s crazy about money. But she says she has no interest in money? Bullsh*t. She should’ve just said she was tempted by the branded goods and people would’ve been convinced. How different is she from the scammer? 6 months left to live and she wanted to marry him? Then she’s the one who was after money. That’s why she thought it was possible to get pregnant when he’s a transgender. I’m so baffled. How did they have sex if she’s never seen his body?

Nam Hyun Hee also claimed that Jeon previously tricked her into thinking that she was pregnant with his baby. He had given her fake pregnancy test kits to convince her. Despite this, during her interview on October 30, she claimed that she had never seen his body as she did not want to have a change of heart after seeing his post-sex-change operation body. Netizens were in doubt about this claim.

Netizens’ reaction. | theqoo She’s never seen his body, LOL. So when he gave her the pregnancy test kit with two lines (positive), she should’ve slapped him and ran out of there. LOOOOOOL. A reality that’s more severe than dramas written by Lim Sung Han (writer known for makjang) Soon Ok Kim (writer known for makjang) needs to improve. They’re just co-criminals… What did Nam Hyun Hee lose, actually? Is this her best exit strategy? Then why did she want to marry him?

As the plot thickens, stay tuned for more of the latest news on the ex-couple.

 Have the tables turned? 

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