Shark Tank India 3: Shark Aman Gupta’s sweet gesture for Pitcher Vania’s daughter will win your hearts


In the latest episode of Shark Tank India 3, the first pitchers of the day were Richa Kapila and Vania Chigh Kabra who were pitching for a lingerie brand for teen girls and young women. Richa and Vania are sister-in-laws and they asked Rs 80 lakh for 1% equity. They told the sharks that they had a brand earlier, which did not work for them. BollywoodLife gets you the latest entertainment news updates now on WhatsApp. Don’t forget to check it out. They even revealed how they spent Rs 70 lakh on that brand which was an expensive B-School experience for them. The Sharks get interested in seeing their products and are impressed with them. The pitchers also informed the sharks that the best part about their brand was that they had a Gynaecologist whom customers could connect with. Aman, Vineeta and Anupam tell them that they do not like their brand name. Aman even says that he wants to be part of their product, but thinks his money will not come out. Vania tries to convince him with more figures, but Aman says that he is not getting conviction in them. He even says that they will not be able to work together.

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Vania tells Aman that she wants him to be part of her business as her daughter likes him a lot. She even purchased Aman’s headphones. She urges Aman for an autograph. He even tells her that he will not be able to give her a deal and also tells her to not stop buying his headphones. Vineeta and Namita offer them Rs 80 lakh for 2.5% equity + 1% royalty till Rs 80 lakh is gained. They even revise their offer and give 2% equity. Richa agrees to their deal and Aman writes a letter for Vania’s daughter. Aman says that only she can open it.

 Shark Tank India season 3’s Aman Gupta win hearts with his sweet gesture for pitcher Vania’s daughter. Here’s what happened. 

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