Shark Tank India 3: Pitcher Jeevika Tyagi slams Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar; says ‘They need to understand it is not Bigg Boss or Roadies’


Shark Tank India is one of the most watched shows on TV. It is the third season of the show and is getting all the love. The show has been quite entertaining and also gives a lot of business knowledge. However, the show has landed in controversies many times. Recently, Jeevika Tyagi, founder of an athleisure brand expressed how badly her episode was portrayed on television. She was not happy about it and expressed the same on her social media. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp.

Jeevika slams the Sharks

Now, she spoke to Etimes about the same and said that the Sharks come with a lot of experience of building companies and they all have seen the lows more than the highs. She said that they have to understand that Shark Tank India is not Bigg Boss or Roadies. She shared that making bad comments on their brand is her concern as they have also made their business with a lot of love and they have also been through a lot of struggle. She said that everyone has been very rude towards them with comments.

Jeevika is disappointed with Namita and Vineeta

She said, “There are only three things that make you an entrepreneur, first is of course you should know your finance, the second is you should know your cause ki ye hum kyu shuru kar rahe hai. And third is the image and the product that you’re creating. Vineeta has defeated those three things in our case. She said, we don’t have a cause, our product is useless.” Jeevika said that this is a big statement she made and the creative team used a bad poster for us and it is too low. She also said that she has respected and liked Vineeta Singh but when she pulled her down it was hurtful. She also went on to slam Namita Thapar who said that they have spent Rs 10 crores on marketing. Jeevika gave a clarification and said that they have spend only Rs 4 crores on marketing. She also said that in this season, the sharks including Namita and Vineeta have invested in her friend’s company.

Jeevika on dealing with trolling

They have burned 30 crores and Jeevika questions if will they be able to uplift it with just 1 crore. She also said that they used brutal comments on two women and they thought atleast Vineeta would understand but they all presented the pitch as a khichdi.

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She also said that they have to now answer all the trolling and it is taking a toll on their image. It was not fair of the Sharks to behave that way. Athleisure wear brand pitcher Jeevika Tyagi is upset with the way Shark Tank India 3 makers have portrayed their business. She has slammed Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar for their rude behaviour. 

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