SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Has Netizens In Awe Of His Visuals During A Simple Gaming Livestream


With so many talented and handsome members in SEVENTEEN, it seems that the majority of their fans struggle to pick just one bias. Each of them brings something unique and special to the group, even though there are 13 of them!

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Wonwoo is a member who has been drawing a particularly high amount of attention online due to his recent appearance during what was just a simple gaming livestream for fans to watch and enjoy.


Though SEVENTEEN doesn’t have an “official” visual, Wonwoo is one of the members who a lot of fans think could suit the title, and seeing him during this livestream looking ridiculously handsome in a pair of glasses and a cozy sweater makes it clear why!

Fans can’t get over his flawless bare-faced visuals, especially paired with his humble and chill personality.

Seeing him in motion is even more of a sight for sore eyes!

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개잘생김 미치겟다

— mori (@wwlake) February 29, 2024

얼굴 미친것같애애..

— mori (@wwlake) February 29, 2024

Here’s how netizens reacted with overwhelming positivity to this livestream on a forum post about the topic.

Wonwoo really makes it impossible not to love him!


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