SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Finally Meets His “Long Lost Brother” Peder Elias


Is a collab in the works for Norwegian singer Peder Elias and SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon?

Vernon Peder Elias | @pedereliaas/Instagram

In February, Peder Elias was featured on SEVENTEEN sub-unit BSS‘s song “7PM,” collaborating with DK, Hoshi, and Seungkwan.

This collaboration was so much fun. The guys were so warm and welcoming, and from the minute I stepped into HYBE, they just made me feel like an extra member of the group. It was a week with lots of laughs, and the start of a genuine friendship.

— Peder Elias

Peder Elias posted a video in July, saying that although he released that song with BSS, his favorite SEVENTEEN song is “Darl+ing,” which he briefly covered. His short cover went viral with 489.6K views, and netizens even commented that he sounded similar to SEVENTEEN’s Vernon.


what’s your favorite seventeen song? #seventeen #carat #seventeencarat

♬ Darl+ing – SEVENTEEN

Now, just a few months later, Peder Elias replied to one of these comments with a video of the two actually meeting IRL! Yet, they pretended to be each other.


Svarer @Kurt did i just find my long lost brother? Carats seem to think so #vernon #vernonseventeen #pederelias #seventeen #carat

♬ Loving You Girl (feat. Hkeem) – Peder Elias

Peder Elias: Good to meet you. I’m Vernon.

Vernon: I’m Peder. Nice to meet you.

Peder Elias: I love your song “Loving You Girl!”

Vernon:Yeah, I like “Darl+ing.”

Peder Elias: Oh, thank you so much, great!

The video went viral with 282.4K views at the time of writing. Netizens were so excited that they finally met, but they couldn’t help but wonder if Peder Elias’ release of the video was intentional. Is he teasing a collaboration?  Only time will tell!

Peder Elias is actually soon releasing a new song, “Twinkle Twinkle,” and performing in Seoul, South Korea! So, of course, when he went to Seoul, he met up with some of the SEVENTEEN members.

We do hope another collab happens, though!

 Will Peder Elias and Vernon collab soon? 

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