SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Mentions ASTRO’s Moonbin In The Group’s Emotional 2023 “MAMA Awards” Speech


SEVENTEEN recently gained attention after their emotional speech at the 2023 MAMA Awards following their big win for “Best Album” with FML.

Your browser does not support video.The members of SEVENTEEN giving their speech | Mnet 

While it was all extremely heartwarming, netizens couldn’t hide their emotions when member Seungkwan mentioned his best friend, ASTRO‘s Moonbin.

ASTRO’s Moonbin and SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan | Naver x Dispatch

Along with fellow 98′ liners VIVIZ‘s SinB and many more, Seungkwan and Moonbin’s friendship has always been loved by fans.

| @pledis_boos/Instagram | Fantagio The 98′ liners | @1998_suji_ya/Instagram

During their speech, netizens noticed that Seungkwan gave a special mention to Moonbin.

The entire speech was extremely emotional, and the members made sure to mention everyone close to their hearts. CARATs couldn’t hide their tears as Wonwoo mentioned that he had another thing to brag about to his mother, who sadly passed away in 2022.

wonwoo’s seventeen daesang mama speech

“thanks to carats, i have one more thing to brag about to my mom. thank you”

— tracy (@tinkswonu) November 29, 2023

During Seungkwan’s speech, where the idol got very emotional, he made sure to thank all the artists and idols attending, no matter whether they were junior or senior.

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Toward the end of the speech, Seungkwan explained, “I don’t know if I can say this but…”

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The idol then explained that a lot had happened that year…

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Seungkwan then went on to say that Moonbin was someone who supported SEVENTEEN and their music throughout their career, and he thanked him for everything. Unsurprisingly, the members were also very emotional.

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While fans got emotional at Seungkwan mentioning Moonbin, it was at this point that LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura and Eunchae were also spotted crying.

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After the speech, netizens worldwide couldn’t hide their emotions as they heard Seungkwan speak about his best friend. For so many K-Pop fans, Moonbin has always been such an important part of their lives and the past year has been difficult.

“to bin, i want to say thank you and i love you.” – seungkwan to moonbin .

— ؘ (@intokmj) November 29, 2023

“i want to say a big thank you to my friend, bin, who loved and supported our team so much.” – seungkwan

i’m sure moonbin is smiling, clapping and cheering you up there.

— ؘ (@intokmj) November 29, 2023

moonbin was a big carat. he loved and supported seventeen a lot, and he must be so proud seeing them win so many awards tonight. to seungkwan, I hope you know that he loves and cherishes you so much.and to seventeen, know that he’s a carat for eternity <3

— roxanne’s binnie – misses ateez (@aroharoxy) November 29, 2023

we all are already got emotional when we all see seungcheol for the first time in awhile with the other members, got more emotional when wonwoo mentioned his mom & seungkwan mentioned his bestfriend moonbin.

— 위 (@dinocology) November 29, 2023

seungkwan thanking moonbin and saying he loves him while accepting his daesang… i can’t do this…

— maria (@myngjunnie) November 29, 2023

You can read more about the emotional speech below.

SEVENTEEN’s 2023 “MAMA Awards” Appearance Has Idols And Netizens Truly Emotional

 The speech was emotional in many ways for the members, idols, and fans. 

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