SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Was So Tough To Raise That His Mother Resorted To This


SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu joined Pledis Entertainment as a young trainee. He was still in middle school when he was taken in for training.

On episode three of Nana Tour, Mingyu revealed how his mother and church might have had a hand in his casting. As a young boy, he was as rebellious as they came. His mother was so vexed by him that she went to church to pray for someone else to raise her son. A mere week later, her prayers were answered! Pledis Entertainment picked him up.

mingyu said when he was 15 years old he caugth the 8th grade disease (adolescence disease) & her mother had a hard time raising him so she went to the church & pray that anyone would raise mingyu then 1 week later pledis cast him & took care of him

— 원‧₊˚. (@gyubobpul) January 19, 2024

When I was 15 years old, I got in the rebellious phase. She had a hard time raising me. She said she went to pray at church, for someone to raise me instead of her. A week later, I was casted. Pledis raised me instead. I was cured instantly. I missed my mom and realized how precious she was.

— Mingyu

Entertainment agencies often cover the trainee’s full room and board, on top of lessons and training. Mingyu’s mother did not have to worry about a thing anymore! He also grew to appreciate her more after having to live away from his family. Two birds in one stone indeed.

 Her wishes came true. 

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