SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Reacts Angrily To Sasaeng Calls During A Live Broadcast


Netizens have raised anger after the members of SEVENTEEN have had an increased number of sasaeng calls during live broadcasts.

The members of SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

One of the things fans love about SEVENTEEN is their desire to interact with fans, and one of the ways they do that is through Weverse broadcasts.

Yet, during the past few months, netizens have noticed a rise in the number of times the members get called by “sasaeng” fans during live broadcasts. In particular, many have addressed the unexpected calls, including S.Coups, DK, Mingyu, and Woozi.

Your browser does not support video.S.Coups reaction to getting a call | SEVENTEEN/Weverse 

dokyeom trying the weverse filters but the live keeps stopping bc of calls from ssngs

— (@kyeomiedaily) October 27, 2023

could you please stop calling me on my mobile phone? please don’t disturb me.. please..

++ how many calls have i received in such a short time? 3-4 times? it’s difficult for me to change my phone number too.

they’re getting calls way too often..

— 도겨밍 ♡~♡ (@pepizzaboy) October 22, 2023

231023 mingyu weverse live

*a ssg just called*
if i turn on airplane mode & wifi, no calls can come in right? i just want to leave it be & watch how far they’ll keep calling, its been 3 so far (this live). but.. no. should i pick it up? no. i’ll never pick up. don’t.#민규

— 원‧₊˚. (@gyubobpul) October 23, 2023

Hoshi particularly got annoyed during a voice-only live when he kept receiving calls.

ah.. really.. if you call me when i’m doing a live, i’ll reveal your mobile number so don’t call me again next time. ah really, i’m trying to communicate with carats, what do you want me to do if you’re interrupting? carats~ let’s bear with/tolerate it

— 도겨밍 ♡~♡ (@pepizzaboy) October 11, 2023

In particular, the latest stream of calls during broadcasts happened on November 7 (KST).

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Jeonghan surprised netizens with a live broadcast from leader S.Coups’ house, and during the video, the members had fun eating and drinking.

Your browser does not support video.SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Jeonghan (with S.Coups) | SEVENTEEN/Weverse 

Yet, netizens noticed that the screen kept cutting out at moments, which many realized was because the phone was getting calls.

Your browser does not support video.| SEVENTEEN/Weverse 

When it happened while Mingyu was telling a story, when the broadcast returned, Jeonghan was seen to look very angry and even threw his chopsticks to the floor, even calling out what had happened.

Your browser does not support video.| SEVENTEEN/Weverse Your browser does not support video.| SEVENTEEN/Weverse

While SEVENTEEN aren’t the only idols to receive calls, it seems like the members are being interrupted by them during almost every live broadcast they have. The members are being praised for addressing the calls, but many believe they shouldn’t have to worry about their details being sold.

 It is an issue seen in almost every SEVENTEEN members’ broadcast! 

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