SEVENTEEN’s Dino And Mingyu Have Fans Screaming Over Their Skinship In “Wait” Challenge


SEVENTEEN‘s Dino has been showing off his immense talents as a K-Pop idol with his recent solo release, “Wait”. The music video for the song showcases both his vocal and dancing skills beautifully, and it already has over a million views since it was posted yesterday!

Fans of the SEVENTEEN maknae have been waiting for him to take the spotlight with a solo release for some time, so “Wait” has definitely been a delight for them and everyone else who has listened to and watched it.


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And it seems his fellow SEVENTEEN members are all for supporting their youngest member. Mingyu is the first to appear in a challenge video for the solo song, but it’s not just your average collab!


Right away, we’re greeted with the sight of Mingyu’s gorgeous broad back. Then the skinship starts with Dino caressing older SEVENTEEN member, making fans conflicted over which of them they would want to trade places with!

After that enviable display, the two then break into the dance itself, and both of them pull it off flawlessly.


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Needless to say, the comments section of the post is flooded with screaming Carats, and understandably so!

We can’t wait to see what other collabs Dino has in store for “Wait”, if they’re all going to be like this!


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