SEVENTEEN’s 2023 “MAMA Awards” Appearance Has Idols And Netizens Truly Emotional


SEVENTEEN has made both idols and netizens worldwide emotional after picking up a huge win at the recent 2023 MAMA Awards.

The members of SEVENTEEN | Pledis Entertainment

Since debuting, SEVENTEEN has always provided fans with the best music, showcasing their diversity as all-rounders.

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On November 29, SEVENTEEN attended the 2023 MAMA Awards. They put on an amazing performance with their songs “God of Music” and “SUPER.”

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If the performance wasn’t enough to cement SEVENTEEN’s legendary status in K-Pop, the entire music world and netizens at home quickly went from elation to emotion because of the group.

The final award of the night was for the best album, and even actress Uhm Jung Hwa couldn’t hide her emotions as she announced that SEVENTEEN had won the award for their album FML. She explained, “It’s finally them, everyone. It’s finally them,” and echoed the sentiments of CARATs worldwide.

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From the very moment it was announced, emotions took over netizens as they noticed that leader S.Coups was in the crowd. The idol has taken time off due to a serious injury. For many, it’s the first time they’ve seen him at a public appearance in so long, and the OT13 hug just hit differently.

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Going on stage, S.Coups started the speech, and it was an emotional atmosphere in the venue and for CARATs watching at home.

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The story of SEVENTEEN is truly the epitome of thirteen idols starting from a small company and through hard work and dedication, becoming one of the biggest K-Pop artists in the world. In each member’s speech, they shared those stories and their past experiences, and it wasn’t surprising that they all got very emotional.

Hoshi shared that on their first MAMA Awards appearance, they left with nothing, but nine years later, they left with the grand prize.

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As other members gave speeches, it wasn’t surprising to see them get emotional.

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Even the usually strong Woozi became very emotional, and as the group’s songwriter and producer, his hard work since before the group debuted cemented their legacy as “self-producing” artists. He shared the criticism they received after debuting, and it shows how far they came with their dedication and teamwork.

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Seungkwan‘s speech was just as heartwarming and although the members were emotional, they were there to support each other.

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While the members became emotional (along with CARATs worldwide), netizens were shocked to see idols in the audience crying at the emotional speech of the members. In particular, LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura and Eunchae notably teared up during the speech.

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Online, CARATs had the same emotions watching the group finally receive this award.

you’ve come so far, seventeen. 🤍

— pami; dino mixtape!!! (@hosh1maoy) November 29, 2023

Dokyeom trying to comfort woozi and seungkwan during their speech for AOTY… I love them so much 🤍🤍🤍

I’m so proud of them Congrats seventeen🤍

— Far (@KyeomsBaekery) November 29, 2023


— 하니행뵹 (@flamehanie) November 29, 2023

“I’ve been making music for SEVENTEEN for more than 10 years and CARATS repaid my efforts with this moment.” 🤍

— maya (@wonhaoverse) November 29, 2023

Throughout the event, SEVENTEEN showcased their influence and took home five trophies across the two days.

[INFO] It has been an all-encompassing year for SEVENTEEN and they wouldn’t go home without being the stars of the night!

SEVENTEEN is this year’s most decorated artist at the 2023 MAMA AWARDS taking home 5 TROPHIES.

Best Male Group
Best Dance…

— Worldwide Carats (@WorldwideCarats) November 29, 2023

As one of the most senior idols at the event, SEVENTEEN has showcased their immense popularity, influence, and the respect they have from junior idols. From putting on a truly memorable performance to the raw emotions of their speech, SEVENTEEN came from a green basement and worked hard to become one of the biggest acts in the world.

You can read the full results below.

The Full List Of Winners For The Second Day Of The 2023 “MAMA Awards”

 From the green basement to “MAMA” Daesang winners! 

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