Second-Generation Idol Shocks Fans With Surprise Wedding Day Announcement


Former Apink member Hong Yookyung revealed that she recently had gotten married!

Hong Yookyung | @yukyung_922/Instagram

Recently, the former idol took to her Instagram to share the news with her fans.

The day was even more special thanks to the many people who congratulated me. I would like to sincerely thank everyone who sent us their blessing. Finally D-DAY!!

— Hong Yookyung

The former idol then shared beautiful engagement photos of herself. Hong Yookyung dazzled in several dresses.

@yukyung_922/Instagram @yukyung_922/Instagram @yukyung_922/Instagram @yukyung_922/Instagram

Meanwhile, Hong Yookyung debuted with Apink in 2011. The member left the group in 2013. Although the idol’s departure sparked rumors of in-fighting between members, Hong Yookyung disproved these rumors by maintaining a close relationship with the group to this day.


 Congrats to the couple! 

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