Scoop: Karishma Tanna reveals people were skeptical about casting her; here’s why Hansal Mehta didn’t step back [Exclusive]


Karishma Tanna is shining, and how with her latest release Scoop, helmed by Hansal Mehta, that is based on the real-life crime journalist Jigna Vohra, who faced the trail for more than 10 years in a journalist’s death J Dey conspired by gangster Chota Rajan. Many were stunned to see Karishma Tanna outshining her glamorous self and fitting perfectly as Jagruti Pathak. Karishma proved her prowess as an actor, and currently everyone is raving about her performance, but did you know that many told Hansal Mehta indirectly not to cast Karishma and told the filmmaker that they were unsure about her casting in the show?  

Karishma Tanna speaks about being stereotyped as a glam doll. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Life, Karishma spoke about the stereotype that people have about her in the industry, and she doesn’t blame them for the same but will always be thankful to Hansal Mehta for believing in her. ” It didn’t take me so long; I was here only for 10 years; it was the industry that took so long; I was ready 10 years ago; it is just that it happens, and I will not blame anybody, because nobody wants to take the risk; ‘Jo dikhta hai, wahi log mann lete hai sach’; it’s like that, and I was stereotyped”. Hansal Mehta was warned for casting Karishma Tanna in Scoop. Karishma further added, “It is every person’s norm, and so many directors have that norm, and they are afraid to explore and give a chance to the person who is very hungry for the role, so Hansal sir did that. Hansal sir did tell me that a lot of people were skeptical about my name, and he said it gave him more reasons to say yes to me because he wanted to challenge the world; he wanted to show people something that people didn’t believe in; and he believed in me, and I will be forever grateful to him.” After the super success of Scoop, Karishma is now waiting for a good female protagonist role to once again challenge herself as an actor and surprise the fans. “I would again like to do a very meaningful role that will challenge me as an actor. I want to do a nice female patroganist role that challenges me.”

 Scoop: Karishma Tanna gets candid in an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife, where she reveals how Hansal Mehta was indirectly told to have her in the lead role as they were unsure about her. 

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