School Of Lies: Nimrat Kaur on powerful roles for women on OTT, ‘Things are more balanced’ [Exclusive]


OTT platform has evolved a lot in the past few years. It is giving a tough run to movies as people nowadays prefer OTT over watching movies in theaters. In terms of content also the digital space is way ahead of cinemas. Makers have more liberty to show bold content while making a particular project for streaming platforms whereas they are limited for theatrical movies considering the censor board. With the rise of OTT is also noticed that women play powerful roles and are receiving equal stage as men. Nimrat Kaur who essays an important role in School of Lies opened up on OTT content, women’s roles, working on the series, and more. School of Lies is a mystery thriller series streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. As an actor, do you feel content on OTT is bolder when it comes to subjects as compared to movies? Everything you know when you’re working in a movie now, we don’t really know whether it’s going to be a theatrical release or is it going to be on OTT, sometimes you just make a project and then you know you wait to see what happens with it. What happens is that with OTT and the amount of work that’s happening, it’s becoming very interesting as job opportunities have increased so much and people have so much more to choose from the subjects as artists on camera, off camera, everything, so the quality of work overall has gone up. That is the one big change and I find that amazing. And do you feel women and men have an equal footing on OTT and that our cinema is finally set for a change? I think the cinema has been set for a change for a very long time, you know. I don’t think it’s only because of OTT. I think OTT for sure has increased those opportunities a lot more where a lot bolder and a lot more different parts are being written for women. So hence it feels like that but now things are a little more balanced. In School of Flies, you have worked with teenage kids. How was the experience? How easy or difficult was it to work with them? It was amazing. They were lovely. They were so bright and effervescent and so amazing. I had a really lovely time collaborating with the kids. You know, they’re so ahead of their age. They’re exposed to world cinema, world music, all kinds of incredible, amazing things. I had a wonderful time working with Varin Roopani who plays Vikram’s part, and he’s really ahead of his age. I had a really good time chit-chatting with him and we would talk about movies and things that interested us. You have worked in Bollywood and Hollywood as well, so any comparison you wish to draw? No, I don’t like to compare different industries like that. I think every industry has its own strengths and weaknesses. I’ve just had a wonderful time working both abroad and here. How do you deal with criticism and trolling? Well, I don’t deal with it trolling at all. I choose to ignore trolls and trolling 100% and completely. I have no interest in wasting my time and energy on it. I choose to pay attention to criticism that I respect, and criticism is respectable for me only when it’s done with a good intention and with being in a place of they should command a position that justifies their criticism and that then earns my respect and then I listen carefully and I try to better whatever’s coming from that quarter. Five OTT recommendations The Test Case, Homeland, Dasvi, School of Lies, and Wayward Pines

 In an exclusive interview, NImrat Kaur shares her thoughts on OTT content, women empowered roles in digital space, and more. 

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