School Of Lies: Nimrat Kaur calls the mystery thriller web series a life altering experience [Exclusive]


Nimrat Kaur is basking in praise for her latest web series School Of Lies. The show is a mystery thriller drama where a 12-year-old boy goes missing from a boarding school. Nimrat Kaur who plays a counselor in the Disney+ Hotstar web series got candid with Bollywood Life talking about her experience working with young kids and a lot more. School Of Lies is a gripping story revolving around young kids and talks about subjects like child abuse, molestation, complex relationships, and more. What made you agree to a role in School of Lies? The fact that it was so unconventional in its writing, it was a very non-judgmental and extremely empathetic role and I found it very sensitive and very sophisticated given how tricky the subject was. It was a part that I haven’t come across before. Playing a character where you have your vulnerabilities and yet have to be strong for others around you, so was it challenging? I was deeply moved to be a part of something like this because I feel like whenever you play a character that is written with so much depth and sensitivity, you come out of it with learning about life and it can be life altering as an experience. It changes you and it makes you more sensitive and makes you recognize what’s outside of your life’s sphere. So that for me was an extremely lovely experience, and it really taught me a lot. Your role and the series dealt with issues of substance abuse, child sexual, molestation, complex relationships. Is it more satisfying when a role is not just another role but has so many layers and gives you a chance to talk about something that’s important? Yes, absolutely. It is extremely satisfying and it’s extremely fulfilling when a piece of work goes beyond just work satisfaction. Sometimes art has the ability to move societies and move lives and make people go through some life-changing experiences. So it’s very, very heartening. School of Lies is a gripping drama dealing with some important yet uncomfortable topics. What was your reaction to the response series has received? It’s been very happening to hear people’s response to, how much they have related to the show and how moved they are, and how many lives it has touched. Because all of us have seen or heard of or experienced or, you know, either directly or indirectly come across such cases and situations. So it’s a very hard thing to know that you know the intention with which the show was made has hit home and it has really warmed hearts and it’s not an easy story to tell. It takes a lot of courage to mount a story like this. So it feels really, really lovely to hear that people have related to it and they have accepted it with so much love. Lunchbox completed 10 years, your thoughts about the movie? Well, it’s a gift that keeps giving. I absolutely love it. It’s very, very beautiful to hear people continuing to be moved by.

 In an exclusive interview, Nimrat Kaur opened up on her latest web series School Of Lies 

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