Sam Smith’s Unexpected Reaction To Their Korean “Impersonator” Surprises Koreans


South Korean comedian Hwang Je Sung has been imitating the British pop artist Sam Smith since “Unholy.”

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When the music video for “Unholy” was released, Korean viewers saw glimpses of Hwang from Smith; And so Hwang’s whole “King Smith” gimmick was born.


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As King Smith, named after his social media handle of “King Castle,” Hwang re-created Smith’s choreographies, TikTok videos, and even pictorials.

Soon, Smith became aware of Hwang, and the two exchanged some video interactions via social media to celebrate each other. That being said, when Smith announced their Seoul leg of the tour, Koreans had high hopes that Hwang would get to meet the “Original.”

Then, on November 4, a video shared on Hwang’s YouTube channel for King Smith content made the Korean fans’ wish come true! In the video, Hwang goes backstage at Smith’s concert in Seoul. Dressed in the viral “Unholy” outfit, Hwang finally meets Smith!

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It wasn’t Hwang that stole the spotlight, though. Korean viewers fell in love with Sam Smith and their wholesome reaction to Hwang!

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Throughout the interaction, Smith seems thrilled to meet Hwang and shares genuine interest toward Hwang’s works.

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Most found Smith to be so good-natured and down-to-earth. Some even pointed out that Smith could’ve been irritated to have an “impersonator,” but weren’t—and so praising their open-mindedness and kindness.

| theqoo “TBH, it’s not like Hwang started imitating Sam Smith because he was a fan of theirs. I think it started off as borderline mocking. And so Sam Smith had all the right to be irritated. But no… They were the sweetest to Hwang. They even watched Hwang’s videos. I was touched by their words and actions.” “Sam Smith is such a sweetheart.” “NGL, I was a little biased toward Sam Smith. But now I know, they’re such a good person.” “Sam Smith is such a caring person. They’re so appreciative of everything… which makes me appreciate them even more.” “WTF? How is Sam Smith going to be this cute and sweet?! Their reaction to Hwang feels so genuine and wholesome that it’s making me grateful, too.” “I was not at the Sam Smith concert… But reading all these online posts about them is making me turn into a fan. I’ve always liked Sam Smith songs, but I was never quite interested in the person.” | theqoo “WHY AM I CRYING? IDK. This is so touching.” “When Sam Smith opened their arms to hug Hwang… Such a sweet moment.” “I mean, Sam could’ve easily been offended by the whole thing. But they weren’t. It says a lot about who they are as a person.” “OMG, this is so sweet! They’re so beautiful!” “Since when was Sam Smith this sweetheart of a person?!” “Wow, what a sweetheart… I guess I was not expecting them to have this kind of a personality, based on their wild performance outfits and stuff.” | theqoo “Such a lovely person.” “Not Sam Smith. It’s Sam Sweet.” “I’ve only heard their songs and seen their pictures… But now I see that they’re such a sweet and kind person. I think I’m going to become a fan.” “Such a kind soul. I wonder how it feels to be good at their job AND have such a beautiful personality.” “Aww? They smile like a baby angel! They seem so nice and cute.” “SO SWEET… I had no idea Sam Smith had a personality like this. I’m in love.” “Where can I see the full video?! Both Hwang and Sam Smith are so adorable.” “Wow… They’re so sweet. So loving… How can any human be this nice?!”

Watch the full video here.

 “King Smith” has been imitating Sam Smith since the release of “Unholy.” 

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