Salman Khan’s co-star Zareen Khan gets an arrest warrant in an alleged cheating scam, actress reacts


Bollywood actress Zareen Khan, known for her roles in movies alongside Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar, has encountered legal trouble as an arrest warrant has been issued against her by a Kolkata court. This legal issue dates back to 2018 and is related to an alleged cheating case. The case against the actress was filed in the Sealdah court in Kolkata, and the investigating officer submitted the charge sheet. However, Zareen Khan neither appeared in court nor sought bail. Due to her repeated absence, the court decided to issue an arrest warrant.

Zareen Khan faces an arrest warrant

In response to the arrest warrant, Zareen Khan expressed surprise and claimed to have no prior knowledge of it. She stated that she was checking with her lawyer for clarity on the matter. She also suggested reaching out to her PR team for further information. The incident traces back to 2018 when Zareen Khan was scheduled to perform at a Durga Puja event in Kolkata. However, she did not show up, which led one of the event organizers to file a complaint against her and her manager. An FIR (first information report) was registered against both of them, and they were summoned for questioning.

She didn’t attend the event for this reason

Zareen Khan explained that she initially believed it to be a significant event in the presence of influential personalities, including the West Bengal Chief Minister. However, later, her team discovered that it was a smaller event and that there had been miscommunication regarding travel and accommodation. Consequently, she chose not to attend the event.

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Zareen didn’t appear in court

According to police sources, Zareen Khan also filed a complaint against the event organizers in the local court. After an investigation, a charge sheet was filed against the actress and her manager. While the manager appeared for questioning and requested bail, Zareen Khan neither attended the hearings nor applied for bail. In conclusion, Zareen Khan, the Bollywood actress, faces legal issues from her absence at a 2018 Durga Puja event in Kolkata. An arrest warrant has been issued against her in connection with an alleged cheating case. Despite the charges, she expressed surprise at the warrant and mentioned consulting her lawyer for further information.

 A warrant has been issued against actress Zareen Khan in connection with a fraud case that dates back to 2018. 

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